How will we travel from Italy to Europe at Christmas, in Sicily few checks

How will we travel from Italy to Europe at Christmas, in Sicily few checks
How will we travel from Italy to Europe at Christmas, in Sicily few checks

Christmas is a time for celebrations and holidays. Many tourists have already chosen Italy as their destination and the Italians are planning to go abroad, even if the choice of where to go is thinning out among various restrictions. Those who leave Italy must check which rules have been enacted in the country of arrival because some European states with a high number of infections are providing for restrictions for the unvaccinated and even targeted lockdowns. The situation, however, is evolving and the EU is ready to review its travel recommendation, and could suggest greater “surveillance”, for example by reducing the validity of tampons from 48 to 24 hours.

Travel to Italy at Christmas

The movements within our country are free, the only limitations could concern those areas that should become orange or red where you must have a green pass to enter. Those arriving in Italy must show the green pass if they come from Europe while if they arrive from other countries they must present a negative swab taken in the previous 72 hours in addition to the green pass. The Sicilian governor Nello Musumeci has just launched a further tightening, which will remain in force until 31 December: even travelers arriving from Germany and the United Kingdom will have to undergo the swab in Sicilian ports and airports.

Travel to Germany

Record infections in Germany and stricter rules based on the situation in the various Lander. The latest tightening is in Bavaria, where the Christmas markets have been canceled and there will be a lockdown in the areas most at risk. The valid green pass is the G2 one, that is, only the immunized and the recovered can have it. For mass sporting and cultural events, the 2G plus is foreseen, that is the buffer for everyone. For tourists arriving from countries at risk, a 10-day quarantine is imposed, reduced to 5 with a negative buffer.

Travel to Austria

Austria was the first country in Europe to impose a lockdown for no vax, which from Monday will be extended to everyone for at least 10 days. Foreign tourists are required to have a green pass, while rapid swabs are not valid.

Travel to Great Britain

The use of a mask is still not mandatory even in indoor venues, even if a new variant is being advanced across the Channel which would be “more contagious but less symptomatic”.

Travel to France

France evaluates restrictions due to cases doubled compared to a week ago (over 20,000). As for tourists, the mandatory nature of tampons depends on the risk level of the countries of origin and therefore may change in the coming days. For the moment Italy is not on the list of high-risk countries, so to enter France the Green Pass is enough, even with an antigen test.

Travel to Spain

In addition to the European green certificate, tourists must submit a government health surveillance form. At the moment it is the European country that has not suffered the fourth wave.

Travel to Greece

Also in Greece there is a squeeze on no vax: those who are not immunized will not be able to go to restaurants and have access to other “closed places”, including cinemas, theaters, museums and gyms.

Travel to Slovakia

Quarantine for unvaccinated tourists like Germany and the executive has also announced a lockdown for no vaxes on the Austrian model.

Traveling to the USA

As soon as the United States reopened its borders, it immediately declared that entry is allowed only to vaccinated people and only with vaccines recognized by the FDA (Astrazeneca has also been included, in addition to Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen).

Christmas on the beach and Covid-free tourist corridors

An order by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza created Covid-free tourist corridors for vaccinated or recovered people to Aruba, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Dominican Republic, Egypt (limited to the tourist areas of Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam). Forty-eight hours before returning, the swab must be taken.

Return to Italy and the problem of controls in Sicily

Controls at Sicilian airports, however, would not be so stringent: not all passengers from the nine countries of the “black list” undergo the mandatory buffer, provided for by the series of regional ordinances issued during and after last summer, up to the last one, passed Thursday, which included Great Britain and Germany on the “black list”, along with the USA, Malta, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and the Netherlands. Despite the clear signposting of the mandatory rapid swab at the Falcone-Borsellino airport, the indications of the Usmaf staff (the Maritime, Air and Border Health Office), and the ASP info point, at the entrance of the path that leads to the outdoor air set up for screening, many, as reported by the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands, go directly to their homes, without being stopped. “A health worker certainly cannot replace a police officer” underlines the commissioner for the Covid emergency in Palermo, Renato Costa, who however points out that the number of passengers who have undergone swabs in the airport have increased .

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