” I am touring Italy with my mare and I need a bale of hay ”, makes a mistake in calling but Beatrice responds, who collaborates with a riding school: the story of Furia and Cristian

ROVERETO. “Good morning, I am in the company of my mare and I left Rome at the moment I am in Ala but I will reach Rovereto to stay at the hostel of the city, Would your consortium have a hay ballet for Furia’s refreshment?“. This is the unusual request being made Thursday 18 November at the Rovereto In Centro Consortium, which deals with organizing events in the city and therefore not planning overnight stays for incoming tourists. A mistake that brought good luck to Cristian Moroni, because on the other side of the handset he answered Beatrice, a great lover of horses.

His, 38-year-old from Rome, he has been traveling with his mare Furia since May 2021, with whom he is crossing the perimeter of Italy: once he arrived in Ala he immediately sought a contact to have a bale of hay for his traveling companion. “typing ‘consortium‘on Google – says Beatrice – he thought he would find it immediately an agricultural consortium called this number by mistake. At first I thoughtlessly gave the name of the agricultural consortium of Mori, when, not even time to finish the sentence, it immediately occurred to me that I have two horses and that I could have given them hay”.

Beatrice Giori, twenty-six years old from Rovereto, since she was a little girl, when she practiced show jumping at a competitive level, he takes care of the horses kept in the family’s land and in a riding stable in Arco: “I never expected to receive a call to work with a request for help from this boy. I have horses in Noriglia, so around 12 I loaded a bale of hay and went to the hostel where he was staying in Rovereto with his mare “.

Cristian, who left his home in Roccasecca dei Volsci (Latina), left behind the his work as a driver and his career in show business, fed up with his daily routine: “He wanted to leave home and family – says Beatrice – riding his mare, with the aim of covering the entire perimeter of the Italian peninsula, to try to find goodness and kindness in people. Organizing himself day by day, he wants to understand how much people are willing to help him and be generous”.

Moroni’s goal is to cross Italy without taking any means of transport (that is not his mare), returning to the starting point; this time, however, returning to Rome from the south: “It has almost reached France arriving in Liguria, has passed the Alps and now continues to Trieste and then descends along the Adriatic to Puglia. and then it goes up the west coast ”, says the young woman. On Thursday the hostel “Il Faggio” opened its doors to welcome the two adventurers in the back garden, in particular Furia, a mare of the Maremma breed of sixteen, who immediately found hospitality in Rovereto. The their arrival in the historic center around 4 pm intrigued passers-by who stopped to take some pictures and ask the strange couple for information.

“Cristian had been planning this trip for some time – continues Beatrice – in fact he brought a curtain and blankets with him. Along the way he met several people who offered to take his things to the next destination, to make him travel lighter ”. During the journey, the boy was directed by the locals, from whom he often found refuge, on the choice of the best roads to travel: “Every day is considered a new horse ride to a new city”, emerges from Beatrice’s story. All his journey and Fury is documented on Cristian’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. “Calling the wrong number is not always a mistake – he concludes – Sometimes fate lets you meet the right people at the right time, like the beautiful fate of our case “.

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