“Those images …”, a big case before Qatar – Libero Quotidiano

“Those images …”, a big case before Qatar – Libero Quotidiano
“Those images …”, a big case before Qatar – Libero Quotidiano

Max Verstappen will not have to serve any sanctions in the next Grand Prix of Qatar. The official decision was communicated by the FIA, which rejected the memory of Mercedes, which had accused the Red Bull driver of not having made a lawful maneuver in an attempt to defend himself from an attack by Lewis Hamilton. The latter then won the Brazilian Grand Prix and got closer with a view to the World Championship, but before the decisive overtaking he had had to sweat a lot.

The incriminated episode dates back to lap 48, when Hamilton tried to overtake Verstappen at turn 4, but the Dutchman had braked hard and then widened his trajectory, accompanying the British rival outside and going off the track with him. The race marshals had noticed the episode but also decided not to intervene: everything is in order, therefore, but not according to Mercedes, which has decided to submit a request for revision.

This request was deemed inadmissible, so Verstappen will not have any penalties to serve in view of the next Grand Prix. After a careful analysis, the stewarts assessed that the additional images acquired “were new, not available at the time of the initial decision, relevant but not significant”: consequently the original choice, namely that of letting it go without intervening, has not been changed. .

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