ATP Finals, Djokovic also beats Norrie and ends the 3-game winning streak

ATP Finals, Djokovic also beats Norrie and ends the 3-game winning streak
ATP Finals, Djokovic also beats Norrie and ends the 3-game winning streak

Novak Djokovic goes and is no longer even news. The look completes the clear path in the Green Group of the ATP Finals 2021 and after the scalps of Hurkacz in the first game and of Rublev in the second, he also closes his group with a success in 2 sets over Cameron Norrie: 6-2 6-1 the score. A test of strength. Brutal.

And to say that Djokovic had nothing to play for, except to carry out the task of giving the Turin public a match. A game that basically didn’t take place, if we mean it beyond the presence of two tennis players on the pitch who were exchanging. With Norrie out of the game and the Serbian aware that it was forbidden to waste too much energy – tomorrow evening at 21:00 the semifinal against Alexander Zverev – the n ° 1 in the world entered the automatic pilot; his proverbial mode of maximum attention and minimum effort. And so, with Norrie, it came out a kind of competitive training, with the Brit actually unable to create even a single problem for this tournament’s No. 1 favorite. A 6-2 6-1 that is a raw score, but basically not very different from the games that were seen with Hurkcaz and Rublev. In fact, Djokovic has been on the pitch for a total of 3 hours and 16 minutes so far: 1:02 with Hurkcaz, 1:06 tonight; 1:08 with Rublev. So, in energy terms, at the most important appointment, Nole is probably looking at her best.

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Certainly more rested than his potential opponent did in the final, Daniil Medvedev. The Russian, engaged on Saturday at 14:00 in the first semifinal with Ruud, he spent more than 5 hours on the pitch just to face Zverev and then Sinner. In short, Djokovic’s ambitions are evident and his path in this group is there for everyone to see: going to match Federer for titles won in the Finals – 6 successes – remains one of the few numerical records that still do not belong to the Serbian. But first there will be Sascha Zverev, who, speaking of ‘Djokovic’s goals’, remains the last man able to deprive him of what is still missing: an Olympic gold medal. For the new rematch, after the one at the US Open, meet tomorrow night at 21:00.


ATP Finals

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ATP Finals

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ATP Finals Djokovic beats Norrie ends #3game winning streak

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