Naples, Lozano’s reverse on social media after the misplaced exit from Mexico

“I would like to go to a bigger club”, the message launched by Hirving Lozano, on Mexican TV Azteca Deportes, created a lot of discontent among the Napoli fans: “I think I’m part of a very competitive club with very competitive teammates, and in this he has grown a lot. The truth is that I would like to go and play in another bigger club. I consider myself a very competitive player, I feel I am at a good level and I would like to take this step “, the Mexican’s words. An ambition certainly more than right for a professional, but in the context of an exit that comes at a difficult time for the Mexican, so far disappointing and not by chance undermined in the hierarchy by Politano.

The Neapolitan reactions, however, did not leave Lozano indifferent. The Mexican striker, through a message on his Instagram profile in the Italian night, tried to remedy it with a long message that should still close the question: “Sometimes my words can be taken from the real context and someone with a desire other than that of giving the correct interpretation, like it or not, misrepresents them. It is not my intention to clarify or retract something that I have not said. I am more interested in whether the facts speak for themselves. These are the facts: I live in Naples, my parents children grow up, learn and make friends in Naples, my wife’s friends are Neapolitans, my neighbors and friends are Neapolitans, the best moments of my recent life have passed in Naples. I owe it to the Napoli fans and I find in their loyalty reason enough to leave soul, life and heart on the pitch every time I wear the Napoli shirt. Today I play for Napoli and while I do it, which I hope will be for a long time, I will not do it simply because it is a team of football, I will do it because Napoli is where I live and where I am happy, it is my home and I will defend them at all costs. “


Naples Lozanos reverse social media misplaced exit Mexico

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