Unicredit in light with rumors. He will run again: that’s where

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Today’s session ended positively for Unicredit which showed more strength than the Ftse Mib and was the only title in the banking sector to be preceded by the plus sign today.

Unicredit rises by itself among bankers

The shares of the bank led by Orcel, after having sold more than one percentage point yesterday, today recovered ground and at the end of the session stopped at 11.566 euros, with an advantage of 0.52% and over 10 million shares transited on the market up to now, against the average of the last 30 days of almost 16 million.

Unicredit snubs the performance of BTP and Spread

Unlike other banks, Unicredit does not allow itself to be influenced by indications coming from the bond market.

The BTP-Bund Spread rises by 0.75% to 121.6 basis points, while the sales on the BTPs bring the ten-year yield up by 1.55% to 0.983%.

Unicredit: new arrivals in the group

Meanwhile, Unicredit continues on its way, with the attention turned to some indiscretions on several fronts.
Milano Finanza reports an entry into the bank in Piazza Gae Aulenti, writing that the CEO Orcel would have called another former colleague of his at the top of the group.

The financial newspaper explains that Barbara Naef, a leading figure in Italian investment banking, would have joined Unicredit in recent days.

Nael worked for more than 10 years at Merrill Lynch, working closely with Orcel, while from 2009 to 2012 she moved to Bank of America before marrying PwC and finally Ubs.

Unicredit aims to reduce employees in international hubs

Press rumors that the bank is planning to reduce the number of employees in international hubs, such as New York and Tokyo, are also keeping attention on Unicredit high, to simplify the company and focus its strategy on growth closer to home.

Unicredit under the lens of Banca Akros and UBS

According to Banca Akros analysts, given the strong competition it has to deal with globally, the move would allow the group to redistribute staff and capital where there is a clear competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, the positive view of the experts on Unicredit reiterated the “accumulated” recommendation, with a target price of 13 euros.

UBS is also betting on the stock, which in recent days has reiterated the “buy” rating, with a target price adjusted upwards from 14.65 to 14.7 euros.

The focus of the Swiss bank is the capital market day on the agenda in December, an appointment that according to analysts is the main catalyst for Unicredit.

Unicredit: Banca Akros sees it at 15.8 euros

Mediobanca Securities is also looking at next month’s event, maintaining its “outperform” rating, with a fair value of 15.8 euros, a value that implies an upside potential of over 36% compared to the current prices on Piazza Affari .

Analysts let it be known that Unicredit is among their top 5 picks in the European banking sector, drawing attention to the low valuation of the stock, the strong balance sheet, a positive EPS cycle and the history of capital return.

Mediobanca Securities expects that with the presentation of the business plan on December 9, Unicredit will clarify its new strategy.

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Unicredit light rumors run

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