“Giulia De Lellis fired from Starbucks,” the story of an influencer

“Giulia De Lellis fired from Starbucks,” the story of an influencer
“Giulia De Lellis fired from Starbucks,” the story of an influencer


The influencer complains of a not very nice behavior on the part of the staff of the restaurant and whoever witnessed the scene reveals the details

Published on November 17, 2021

This morning Giulia De Lellis lived a mishap from Starbucks (famous American coffee chain) in Milan. To reveal it was herself through her very popular Instagram account. His words were then followed by the super detailed account of the model and influencer Gian Maria Sainato – former face of Riccanza. The latter openly criticized the former suitor of Men and Women. But what happened? First of all, De Lellis denounced on the web the behavior, which she did not appreciate, received in the restaurant.

“You are more animals than my dog. Welcome vote: zero! Pets are not allowed, but they are (in 2021, in a bar also outdoors) “

After that, he added that he found the staff at the entrance “Extremely rude” e “Almost violent”. The reason she would have found herself facing this situation would concern his little dog Tommy. In fact, she would be treated badly (in his words) “Only for having entered with a dog assuming it could be”.

He then concluded his outburst with “crazy stuff!”. To give more details on what happened to Giulia De Lellis at Starbucks a ‘witness’ thought of it. Influencer Gian Maria Sainato revealed that he had witnessed the scene, in which the former suitor would have been “Kicked out of Starbucks in a bad way”. He continued, on Twitter, telling the episode with a video.

Riccanza’s ex claimed to have entered the restaurant and started looking for a place. Just then, he would witness the scene. De Lellis arrived on the spot with Tommy and would immediately confront each other “In access mode with the guard”. It seems that the staff has invited Giulia to go out.

Gian Maria specified that that is “The only Starbucks in Europe” which does not accept the entry of animals, as there is no fence. This would be precisely the reason why De Lellis was not allowed to enter with her little dog.

“Giulia had already been told that she couldn’t, but she went in anyway. And the guard invited her several times to go outside, she kept retorting and the guard just said ‘madam, you have to go’ “

This is the story told by the model, who then continued the discourse by going against it the attitude that Giulia would have assumed. “The rules must be respected”, he pointed out. Then he admitted that he could not find the meaning of going against the club “If you have hygiene rules”. Sainato concluded by stressing that regardless of one’s popularity, the rules should be respected.

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