Lozano Napoli, furious fans on social media: “Set foot and foot!”

Lozano Napoli, fans unleashed against the Mexican for the statements on his future away from the blues. Here’s what happened in these hours.

The statements of Hirving Lozano in Mexico about his future have sparked the controversy of many Napoli fans:

Lozano Napoli, furious fans

Lozano Napoli, the indicted statements

“I think I’m in a very competitive club, with very competitive teammates, I’ve had the opportunity to grow a lot, the truth is i would love to go to a bigger club” .

Statements that once again underlined the great sense of ambition that the Mexican has, but which at the same time did not appeal to the Azzurri fans. Attached are some comments on social media against the former PSV:


Lozano Napoli furious fans social media Set foot foot

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