2G rule, what is the Covid protocol adopted in Germany and Austria- Corriere.it

2G rule, what is the Covid protocol adopted in Germany and Austria- Corriere.it
2G rule, what is the Covid protocol adopted in Germany and Austria- Corriere.it

With the increase in Covid cases in our country and the fear of new restrictions, some governors have proposed to adopt a model similar to the German one of 2G: only vaccinated (geimptf) and cured (genesen) enter hotels and restaurants. Here’s what it is

Throughout Europe the new daily cases of Covid-19 are on the rise: we are in the fourth wave. Some countries, where the contagion curve has started to steeply rise, have already adopted new restrictions to try to reverse the course.

L’Austria, for example, it has implemented a lockdown only for people who have not vaccinated against Covid. There Germany
could adopt at the federal level the so-called 2G rule, which provides access to public places only for those vaccinated (vaccinated) or healed (recovered) from Covid. At the moment only some lands have adopted these restrictions, but a decision by the government for all of Germany is awaited. In Berlin, the 2G rule in force since Monday 15 November, in Saxony even earlier.

In Italy, at the moment, the contagion curve is growing, but the numbers have not yet reached the much higher levels of France, Germany and Austria, to name a few. Currently in our country there is a mandatory green pass to access public places such as restaurants, cinemas, theaters, universities and schools, in the workplace, but also high-speed trains, ships, airplanes. The green pass can be obtained through double vaccination against Covid, recovery from the disease and the negative outcome of a swab (molecular, rapid antigenic or molecular salivary). The rules therefore do not exclude those who are not vaccinated from the social life of the country. But with the increase in daily Covid cases and fears of new restrictions, some governors have proposed adopting a similar model to Germany’s 2G.

But how does the 2G system work in detail?

The system is divided between 3G and 2G: 3G stands for geimpft, genesen oder getestet (vaccinated, cured or tested, ed), while 2G stands only for geimpft, genesen (vaccinated or cured, ed). So these are the categories of people who, depending on the protocol in force (2G or 3G) in the environment (for example, in the workplace or in public places), would not be subject to restrictions. Restrictions that instead concern in both cases people who are not vaccinated.

What about people who only have one dose of the vaccine and are waiting for the second? As he explained on the Courier service
Elena Tebano, the first dose vaccination certificate together with a molecular test (72 hours) valid proof of 2G even if it does not entitle you to the green passport (because it lasts for 72 hours).

With the 2G rule, only people who are vaccinated or cured of Covid can access certain areas or places, such as cinemas, theaters, cultural institutions, restaurants, gyms. To prove either requirement, a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate (valid for 180 days) must be presented. The 2G rule, by providing for a higher level of restriction, makes it possible to increase the number of participants in an event or the number of people who can gather in a single space and to eliminate the obligation of mask.

The rules in Austria

In the country, the 2G rule has been adopted at a national level, what has also been defined as a selective lockdown only for the unvaccinated. This is precisely because only people who are can access public places fully vaccinated or cured. There is talk of services that require physical proximity, gastronomy, night dining, Christmas markets, hotels and similar environments, the cultural sector (theaters, cinemas and operas, but not museums), sports and leisure facilities, visits to hospitals and to nursing homes and nursing homes, with the exception of visits in the context of palliative care and hospice, for example, or childbirth assistance. In all these places there is no obligation to use the mask except in commercial establishments, on public transport and in cultural structures such as museums and libraries. For events, if there are more than 25 participants, the 2G rule applies, while if there are more than 50 people, the event must be notified to the district administrative authority at least a week before, appoint a Covid 19 manager and also present a prevention plan. If there are more than 250 attendees at the event, it is mandatory to seek approval from the district administrative authority.

On the workinstead, the 3G rule applies: people who show the negative result of a rapid molecular swab (and therefore not a rapid antigen test, as happens in Italy) and who wear an Ffp2 mask can also enter.

The rules in Germany

More and more Landers are choosing to adopt the 2G rules, excluding the unvaccinated from restaurants, bars and cultural events. Saxony was one of the first Länder, Berlin introduced it on Monday 15 November and plans to introduce further restrictions with the 2G + rule (access will be allowed to vaccinated and cured people who also have a current negative test). From today it is adopted in Bavaria, from Saturday to Hamburg, while next week will also go to North Rhine-Westphalia. Furthermore, in Saxony, given the criticality of the Covid situation, the 2G rule has also been extended to retail stores, from which only supermarkets and drugstores are excluded. But there is debate on the possible federal extension of the protocol which provides for the exclusion of the unvaccinated from public places: the decision should come in the next few days.

And in Italy?

The 2G model of restrictions does not convince the Italian government, but as Monica Guerzoni and Fiorenza Sarzanini write on Courier service today, the restrictions could be triggered if you arrive in the orange or red band. Some governors of the regions, such as that of Liguria Toti and that of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Fedriga, have advanced the hypothesis of introducing new restrictions only for people who have voluntarily chosen not to be vaccinated. Contrary are the head of the 5 Star Movement Giuseppe Conte and the leaders of the center-right Matteo Salvini (Lega) and Giorgia Meloni (Brothers of Italy), while Matteo Renzi of Italy is in favor of a lockdown on the Austrian model.

Furthermore, for the adoption of the German 2G protocol, a further problem would arise: at the moment the application that is used in public places and in the workplace to check the veracity of the green pass, Verification C19, does not read the reason why Covid-19 green certification has been issued. So the reader of the QR code does not see if the green pass is linked to vaccination, recovery or the negative result of a swab. This is because the Privacy Guarantor has established that the verification system will not have to extract other information from the code that is not the validity or not of the green pass. Therefore, a modification of the rules currently in force would be needed to implement the 2G rule by us as well.

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