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Argenta (Ferrara), 17 November 2021 – The wet asphalt, the collision with the car that proceeded in the other direction and, finally, the devastating crash against a plane tree. Two girls from Argenta died in this way, Paola Carrozza, 21, and Marialuisa Sibilio, 20. One of them, sitting in the passenger seat of the Mitsubishi Colt, died instantly. The heart of the other, thrown out of the cockpit, stopped beating shortly after the crash. The driver of the car is alive but very serious. The young woman was transported to the Sant’Anna di Cona hospital in critical condition. The tragedy has occurred around 20 yesterday in via Matteotti, not far from Celletta, in Argenta. That stretch of road is no stranger to dire accidents. Not many months ago, a young worker of Albanian origin had lost his life against the same plane tree.

The facts. According to the first reconstruction, the three girls were traveling in the direction of Celletta, when they came across a Hyundai Kona driven by Michele Villani, a mechanic who lives in Ravenna but is originally from San Biagio, where his parents still live. For reasons still under investigation by the carabinieri, the two cars collided. The impact was violent to the point that the Mitsubishi with the 20-year-olds on board rotated. The car finished the carom against the plane tree by the roadside, where it curled up. A death trap of sheet metal, plastic and glass that left no way out for two of the occupants.

The rescue. The alarm to the rescuers went off immediately, launched by the same mechanic miraculously remained unharmed. The 118 health workers, three carabinieri patrols from the Portomaggiore company and the Argenta station and the firefighters from the Portomaggiore detachment arrived in via Matteotti. The medical staff tried all out, but in the end they had to ascertain the death of two of the three girls. The driver of the Mitsubishi was instead stabilized and transported to the hospital, where she is now fighting for her life.

In the meantime, after the most agitated moments, the family members of one of the young women arrived at the scene of the accident. THEThe father, overwhelmed by grief, fell ill. He was immediately rescued by the 118 operators, still present on the spot. The carabinieri now have the task of reconstructing the dynamics of the umpteenth tragedy that has stained Via Matteotti with blood. Both vehicles involved in the accident were seized, available for subsequent investigation activities.
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Accident in Ferrara, two girls dead. Who are the victims


Accident in Ferrara, two girls dead. Who are the victims


Accident in Ferrara, two girls dead. Who are the victims


Accident in Ferrara, two girls dead. Who are the victims


Accident Ferrara girls dead victims Chronicle

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