“Mice, assaults, continuous violence”. In Milan there is a red alert in viale Molise

“Mice, assaults, continuous violence”. In Milan there is a red alert in viale Molise
“Mice, assaults, continuous violence”. In Milan there is a red alert in viale Molise

Milan – There are mice crossing the road in the middle of the afternoon. Others that from a flowerbed full of garbage slip into the disused Art Nouveau buildings of viale Molise, which have become a den of crime and refuge for stragglers, often the scene of fires and assaults. A situation that has pushed the Macao social center, who for 9 years occupied the structure of the former stock exchange at number 68, to throw in the towel and ad spontaneously leave the premises on November 5th, after having become the target of attacks by “neighbors”, the most serious at the end of September, when a group of Maghrebis broke in with bars and knives during an exhibition.

And now? “The situation is getting worse. Those spaces create problems for the whole neighborhood: every day there are muggings and fights. It has also become dangerous to wait at the trolley bus stop opposite, because it has happened to be surrounded and robbed. There are those, especially girls, who no longer even pass there. The situation is unlivable, we organized a protest garrison for Wednesday at 18.30 (today, ed) to ask for the immediate evacuation with the safety of the accesses “, he explains Simona Rainieri, referent of the district committee Martini Marinai Grandi.

«Now also walk in the park of piazzale Martini it is no longer safe. I witnessed a brawl involving 7 men, on Sunday 10 October, which started with screams and ended up throwing bottles. I called the police. One of the men was on the ground, wounded, and was wearing a pouch full of gold, probably stolen goods. “The traders in the square say they have supported victims of muggings several times:” Once a boy was robbed even while he was riding the bikes”, points out a shopkeeper. John Hu, who works in a bar, found himself having to send away a small group that came from one of the buildings.

“On Sunday I saw 6 men enter the room to recharge their cell phones. I asked to show me the green passes and they pretended not to understand. So I invited them out. On Monday, one of them returned with other people and, without asking me anything, with a domineering, he seducedor. He only left when I threatened to call the carabinieri. I also welcomed five girls and ladies who had been robbed of their purse in the park. “Citizens are asking to speed up the evacuation process. realization of the Redo Sgr project.

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