Girl born with surrogacy in Ukraine, the Novara couple: “We wanted to bring her back to Italy”

They are experiencing “a delicate situation”, but the biological parents of the girl born in Ukraine “never wanted to abandon her”.

This was explained by the lawyers of the Novara couple who ended up at the center of much controversy after what the lawyers define as “a leak of news”. In fact, the Novara couple had gone to Ukraine in August 2019 to fulfill the desire to have a child through a surrogate mother. After the recognition of the child, however, the couple returned to Italy, entrusting the child to a babysitter found on site. According to the lawyers Riccardo Salomone and Enzo Carofano, the couple never thought of abandoning the child. “There are documents that confirm” they explain.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Novara has opened a file without the hypothesis of a crime or under investigation, to shed light on the case. In addition to the Novara Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Turin Juvenile Court is also dealing with the case. The 15-month-old girl was repatriated in recent days with an operation conducted by the Service for International Police Cooperation (SCIP) of the central direction of the criminal police in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross. For now, the child has been entrusted to a Piedmontese family, waiting to clarify the delicate matter.


Girl born surrogacy Ukraine Novara couple wanted bring Italy

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