Fake Green Passes. The names of 5 health workers emerge from Passarini’s interrogation. Also an infectious disease specialist from the Ravenna hospital

The number of fake Green Passes seized following the investigation by the Flying Squad has risen to 84, coordinated by the Ravenna Public Prosecutor’s Office, in which the Ravenna general practitioner is involved Mauro Passarini: some of the new fake Certificates belong to health workers. There is an infectious doctor from the Ravenna hospital, a professional nurse, a nurse from the Ausl, a midwife from a clinic and also a nurse in cardio-vascular intensive care.

In total, the number of false Green Certificates linked to health professionals therefore rises to 7: an ophthalmologist and a psychiatrist had already been identified. The news is reported by local newspapers, Resto del Carlino and Corriere di Romagna, on newsstands today, November 16.

The important news emerged yesterday morning, November 15, during the interrogation, which lasted a couple of hours, before the Judge for Preliminary Investigations Corrado Schiaretti. Mauro Passarini, defended by the lawyer Benini, must answer for the crimes of embezzlement, forgery and corruption. During the hearing, the former doctor talked about the 79 Green Passes seized by the Police: two thirds would be of people who had go to him to obtain the false Covid19 Certification.

Instead, with respect to the “payment” issue, Passarini denied having received any money. He assured him that the 1500 euros in cash, which were found in his pocket, he had withdrawn from his current account, to pay for a meditation course.

The former doctor also reiterated of don’t be a no-vax and to have self-vaccinated against Covid, but to consider the vaccine harmful.

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