“Berlusconi al Colle? I would be ashamed of being Italian”: Davigo’s shocking words

“Berlusconi al Colle? I would be ashamed of being Italian”: Davigo’s shocking words
“Berlusconi al Colle? I would be ashamed of being Italian”: Davigo’s shocking words

On the left there is no peace. The mere fact that the name of Silvio Berlusconi circles for the race to the Quirinale creates, in those parts, hysteria, fainting, impetuous reactions. And free attacks. Like the one formulated at diMartedì from Piercamillo Davigo. For the ex-magistrate of Mani Pulite it was enough to consider the hypothesis of finding himself the Knight in the presidency of the Republic to lose control and shoot the thunderous declaration in favor of the camera.

During the debate on La7, he had been the host Giovanni Floris to tease Davigo on the subject, going to strike the right chords to provoke the guest. “What if Berlusconi is President of the Republic in a few months?“, the journalist asked the former magistrate. And he instinctively:”I would begin to feel even more ashamed of being Italian“. A bombastic and not too democratic phrase, which immediately created a moment of frost, before the confrontation restarted. It is certainly not the first time that Davigo has expressed his hostility towards Silvio Berlusconi; he had also done so in a recently published book of his. In it, he had even re-read in his own way the sentences of the Sme and Mondadori trials, for which the Cavaliere had been acquitted with full formula. According to the former magistrate, however, the Forza Italia leader is not to be considered innocent but guilty “who got away with it“.

Therefore, the tenor of Davigo’s current releases on the hypothetical election of Berlusconi to the Quirinale is not surprising at all and indeed only adds to what can be considered a varied repertoire. In the same episode of diMartedì, the former magistrate also commented on the investigation that sees him involved in Brescia on charges of disclosure of official secrecy.It is not a closing circle“, commented Davigo in reference to those who point out that now he is living justice on the other side of the table. Then he added:”I have already said that it is an accusation that I find inconclusive, I am not worried. I am not angry with the Prosecutor, I will defend myself in the appropriate forums“.


Berlusconi Colle ashamed Italian Davigos shocking words

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