In two months Italy represented in a short time what Juventus have done in ten years. Nine consecutive titles, a unique feat, like perhaps the European Championship given that Italy hadn’t won in a lifetime.

But as often happens, it is not always easy to stay at the top and Italy has gone from a triumph to a thud, because it is not possible not to go straight to the World Cup in a group with Switzerland, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

A failure, signed by Roberto Mancini, the European hero himself. Italy like Juve, who ran into a sabbatical last season after 9 years of business and is making a false start this season. We hope that both of us know how to remedy the repair exams, which for Italy are the playoffs, while for Juventus they are the next matches which already become fundamental.

Italy, like Juve not only in the situation, but also in the difficulty of scoring goals. Italy lost the goals in the European Championship and in part also lost Federico Chiesa who was unable to make a difference in the last period, as he did in the summer, a bit like it happens to him and as it happened recently, especially in Serie A.

Italy and Juventus similar in some things, men, abstinence from scoring, but different in one factor, that of the European journey, in fact if Juventus struggled in Italy, they did not do it in Europe, where they have already qualified for the second round, since see if first or second.

Similarities, but also some differences and a certainty, after a few downs we need to recover and regain the objectives.

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