The Arma 2022 calendar presented

The Arma 2022 calendar presented
The Arma 2022 calendar presented

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Celebrates 200 years of the Weapon Regulations and it does so through the writer’s short stories Carlo Lucarelli and the designs and colors of a great master of contemporary art as he is Sandro Chia. And the Carabinieri calendar 2022 also presented to the provincial command of piazza Tebaldo Brusato in Brescia.

To illustrate the calendar, released for the 89th time, was the provincial commander of the Arma. The Colonel Gabriele Iemma recalled that the carabinieri two hundred years ago there were, there were even before Italy and a Brescia arrived for the first time on June 20, 1859.

The presentation of the historical calendar of the Carabinieri

From then to today have accompanied the history of the nation and the everyday life of citizens, inspired by the values ​​that characterize national identity: solidarity, industriousness and commitment. Values ​​that can be found in the pages of the Regulations printed in 1822 from which the stories of Lucarelli and the tables of Sandro Chia take their inspiration.

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Arma calendar presented

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