Mirko beaten to the cry of “We’ll cut your throat, f *** or me ** a”

Mirko beaten to the cry of “We’ll cut your throat, f *** or me ** a”
Mirko beaten to the cry of “We’ll cut your throat, f *** or me ** a”

Has been attacked and beaten by a group of boys. Mirko was walking in Rome near the Gay Street al Colosseo. The 21-year-old recounted the violence he suffered from the violence he suffered around 5:30 am on Saturday, when it was afterwards by a group of 5 boys armed with a knife shouting: “We’ll slit your throat, f *** or me ** a».

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The boy underlines that he had made a regular complaint to the police and tells how painfully he suffered: “The message I want to send out with my complaint is that politics must listen to us, per being gay we constantly risk our lives and we live in terror. We homosexuals also have the right to be protected».

The five attackers, in addition to having attacked and beaten him, would have shouted at him a series of threats and homophobic insults: «We’ll cut your throat, f *** or me ** a. We will cut your ear, we will break you ». Then, Mirko managed to escape and report the attack to the police who are investigating to track down the five attackers.

He intervened on the case Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesperson for Gay Party for LGBT + rights, Solidarity, Environmentalist, Liberal: “In addition to giving my full solidarity to Mirko, I must point out that once again we see that the aggressors are the same ones who they sow hatred and threaten on the web, increasingly feeling unpunished, they move from social media to the street. For this reason it is important to extend the hate propaganda crime which today protects black people and Jews also towards the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans). By instituting this crime, many young and non-young people who spread hatred could be identified and stopped and who, feeling unpunished, can pass from words to deeds like last night, a crime that unfortunately also in the Zan Bill had been chosen not to include. I therefore ask Premier Draghi to immediately do a decree extending the anti-racism law also to LGBT people».

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Mirko beaten cry cut throat

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