Cost of living: Bologna is the second most expensive city in Italy, Ancona the cheapest

Bologna, November 16, 2021 – They are just over 200 kilometers apart and yet between Bologna and Ancona, if we talk about cost of living, the gap appears to be huge. To say it is the data State on the basis of which the National Consumers Union drafted the ranking of the most expensive cities and regions of Italy, in terms of the increase in cost of living. On the one hand Bologna, second only to Bolzano, at the top of the ranking of the most expensive cities in Italy where the increase in prices of 3.5% determines an increase in expenditure equal to 987 euros for an average family, 1,361 euros for one of four people.

On the other hand, the capital of the Marche region, Ancona in fact, turned out to be the most virtuous. Placed in 31st place, it records an inflation of 2.5% and an average additional expenditure per family of 567 euros on an annual basis (755 euros for a family of 4). In third place among the most expensive cities there is Padova where + 3.6% generates additional expenditure of 909 and 1,339 euros per year, respectively.

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Not too different is the speech when it comes to Regions: the most ‘expensive’ with inflation at + 3.5%, is the Trentino Alto Adige (per family an average increase of 948 euros on an annual basis, 1,359 euros for a family of four). They follow the Valle d’Aosta (3.1%; cost of living equal, respectively, to 788 and 1,302 euros) andEmilia Romagna, + 3.2%, with an annual increase of 843 and 1185 euros. The Walk they are in 15th place with inflation of 2.9% and an increase in additional spending of 648 (typical family) and 866 euro (family of four).

“A sting, considering the total consumption of a family, equal to +922 euros per year”, says Codacons, commenting on the inflation data that see a rise in prices to + 3%. “We are in the presence of a real emergency prices, with inflation rising to + 3% in October, realizing a heavy sting equal to +922 euros on an annual basis for the family
‘type’ – President Carlo Rienzi denounces -. These are the highest values ​​recorded in the last 9 years, an upward trend which unfortunately confirms our alarms and which will continue in the coming weeks “.

“To drive prices, once again, the dear energy, with electricity and gas bills that have undergone enormous increases in October, and the relentless rush of fuel prices, which today cost 30% more at the pump than last year – continues Rienzi – we are in the presence of a real and its Christmas alarm, because the rise in retail price lists will erode the purchasing power of families, causing cuts in terms of consumption linked to the holidays, with citizens reacting to increases by reducing spending “.

Istat underlines that after the confirmation in June of the growth rate of consumer prices in May and the first five months of marked recovery, the cost of living thus passes from a negative variation recorded in December 2020 to a growth of an extent that does not occur. it had been recording since September 2012 (when it was + 3.2%).

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