The car is flooded, he gets on the roof and stays there for more than an hour

When he saw the water level rise and the inability to move with the car, he chose to get on the roof and stayed there for over an hour. The protagonist of the story is a 41-year-old motorist, originally from India, who was stuck in the afternoon in via Acquasanta, in Jesi, on the road leading to San Marcello.

The heavy rains have caused enormous disruption throughout the city, with flooded underpasses, blocked roads and struggling motorists. There are dozens of interventions by firefighters, Croce Verde di Jesi and local police who have particularly affected the area of ​​via Latini, via Fontedamo, via della Barchetta and precisely via Acquasanta. Right in via Latini, mother and daughter were trapped in their midst as they tried to cross the underpass. Also in this case the intervention of the operators of the Green Cross was fundamental, who collaborated with the police and firefighters to save the two women, who were then transported to the hospital.


car flooded roof stays hour

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