Berrettini does not play and retires from the ATP Finals. Sinner in his place –

Berrettini does not play and retires from the ATP Finals. Sinner in his place –
Berrettini does not play and retires from the ATP Finals. Sinner in his place –
from Marco Calabresi

The Roman tennis player had tried to the last training with his sparring partner. But the pain returned and he had to raise the white flag

Nothing to do, Matteo Berrettini withdraws from Atp Finals: the tears of Sunday evening against Zverev the Roman summarized them in a long post on Instagram. Hello guys. I thought, thought, cried and finally decided. My finals end here, I am destroyed, I never thought I would have to give up the most important tennis event ever held in Italy in this way – he writes -. The truth is that as much as I wanted to play in front of you again, I heard and therefore decided that my body not ready to face the challenges I face. To say that I am sad would not do justice to the state of mind that I am in, I feel robbed of something that I have conquered with years of effort and sweat. It was not an easy decision, but I am convinced that it is the best for me and for my career. Thank you for your continued support and of the thousands of messages you have sent me, you have moved me.

Everything can be said except that Berrettini hadn’t tried: yesterday’s ultrasound and magnetic resonance had left him some hope, also kept alive by this morning’s training at PalaAlpitour. An hour without forcing, but to check the conditions of the injured abdominals against Zverev.

It should have been there in the afternoon another ride at 5.45pm, but an hour earlier came the final decision. Jannik Sinner was waiting there, and now he knows his turn has come. As a first reserve player, he thought Tsitsipas could be the player to replace given the Greek’s elbow problems, instead the cruel fate of these Finals that an Italian enters in the place of another.

This morning, Jannik Sinner trained with Daniil Medvedev, who will be his opponent in two days. Tonight, however, I will touch him Hurkacz, in the remake of what on balance was the match that made the difference in terms of qualification for the Atp Finals. On Easter day, in Miami, the Pole won in the final against the blue: Berrettini’s choice set the day of the rematch, even if for Sinner they will be two games of pure exhibition (and profit). Medvevev’s success against Zverev in fact, in the first match of the day he drastically reduced Sinner’s hopes of qualification. In the event of a tie (Medvedev already two, Zverev could get there on Thursday beating Hurkacz), the players who have played more games would pass the turn. And Sinner will reach a maximum of two.

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