How did the first meeting between Draghi and Gualtieri for the future of Rome go?

How did the first meeting between Draghi and Gualtieri for the future of Rome go?
How did the first meeting between Draghi and Gualtieri for the future of Rome go?

AGI – Forty-five minutes of conversation at Palazzo Chigi with Prime Minister Mario Draghi for the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri to discuss together on the main challenges for the capital in the coming months. A first official meeting between the two after the election in the Capitol of the former Minister of Economy.

The atmosphere, they say, was very cordial, the two have known each other for some time. At the center of the interview, the funds to be put in place for the revitalization of the capital between mobility and waste, starting with those of Recovery. In recent weeks, the government has already allocated 1.5 billion euros in the maneuver in view of the 2025 Jubilee. Other funds will come from the Municipality with the first budget.

Space also to support the candidacy for Expo 2030, in December the mayor will be in Paris to carry on the city race. Draghi listened, asked for information and made suggestions, showing interest in the dossier on the capital, the two will return to see each other in the coming months.

“I found President Draghi’s great attention and commitment to Rome, the government has already done a lot starting from the one and a half billion euros allocated in the budget law. We also talked about funds for rapid mass transport. And then the measures of the NRP. I am really very satisfied, I thank Draghi for his attention “, explains Gualtieri at the end of the meeting.

Then, in detail: “We tackled all the main issues concerning the future and the relaunch of Rome, starting with the Recovery, discussed infrastructure, mobility and the great challenges of the Jubilee and the Expo”. At the center of the interview is the programming of the Recovery funds, with the new electric buses and above all the extension of the underground network, which at the moment has just 3 lines (one still incomplete), taking advantage of the next major city events starting from the Jubilee.

A passage also on waste, one of the main city problems. “We will participate in the tender that grants Pnrr resources for waste collection, we intend to create two biodigesters”.

As is well known, the current situation is that of a deficit of plants and outlets. At the end of October there was a failure of a plant in Frosinone, which is slowing down the ordinary collection. We are working to get out of this difficult situation. Today a single failure is enough and the cycle goes into difficulty“, comments the mayor. During the week, presumably Friday, Gualtieri will illustrate the guidelines of his mandate in the Capitoline Assembly to set the priorities for action of his council.

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