Three-year-old child left alone in the house falls from the terrace: he is very serious

A three year old is precipitated from the terrace of a house on the third floor and fell into the inner courtyard of a building in via Romagnosi, in Sesto Fiorentino. The accident occurred around 16 today.

Now the little boy is admitted to the Meyer pediatric hospital with a confidential prognosis. His condition is very serious but it would not be life threatening. He is sedated and intubated.

According to what was reconstructed in the first instance, the child he was alone in the house when he fell. In fact, it seems that the mother had gone out a few minutes to pick up the other son at the bus stop near the building.

When she returned, she noticed what had happened and started screaming, attracting the attention of an off-duty officer who given the first treatment, awaiting the arrival of help.

The doctors urgently transported the little girl to Meyer, where she is currently hospitalized in intensive care. The position of the woman is being examined by the police.


Threeyearold child left house falls terrace

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