“Brogli to elect Senator Adriano Cario”, but the junta saves him (also) with the M5s votes. Letta infuriated calls into question Conte

It is said that the Pd both on a war footing and the secretary Enrico Letta is the angriest of all: the confirmation of the election of the senator Adriano Cario despite the criminal investigation of the Prosecutor of Rome which investigates the regularity of the vote in the South American constituency at the policies of 2018, has created a crack with the 5 Stars. Because the Movement, in the Palazzo Madama council that took the decision, joined the center-right to save the seat of the representative of the Maie he became famous last year for his willingness to wear the jacket of manager in order to keep Giuseppe Conte at Palazzo Chigi. Hence the tail of poisons and suspicions whispered in the Pd house: what is certain is that the dem Fabio Porta which aspired to the same seat and which for three years and more has denounced “the greatest electoral fraud in the history of the Republic”.

The Board chaired by Maurizio Gasparri however, he shrugged, even though there remains the suspicion that the vote by correspondence of Italians abroad was veiled by irregularities. Irregularities confirmed by the calligraphic appraisals ordered by the magistrates of Rome. Now the decision will have to be ratified by the Chamber of Senate and the dem aim to overturn the verdict of the council convinced that they will be able to convince Giuseppe Conte to persuade his troops to back down. Especially now that Italians abroad have made themselves heard with a petition on Change.org, an appeal to “restore dignity to those who live and work abroad. They know the sop, they make us vote but then it is as if people who have already been chosen at the table by the palaces of power in Rome are elected ”.

But what happened in the council? The last episode was about a week ago when the council chamber took place following the outcome of the seat contest procedure. The session was attended, as usual, by the two interested parties, namely Cario and Porta, but above all their lawyers. That of Cario is Maurizio Paniz, formerly a forceist deputy in the heart of Silvio Berlusconi and more recently became well known for being the advocate of hundreds of former MPs eager to get back without cuts or recalculations their annuities. Which convinced almost everyone that it was necessary to confirm the election of Cario on the basis of two preliminary rulings: the alleged late contestation of the election by Porta and above all the question of the criminal proceedings during which the calligraphic appraisal was ordered. “Criminal proceedings of which – said Paniz – Cario is not a party (not being investigated, ed) and therefore could not have a second opinion done“. But Paniz went strong above all on the merits: “The legislator has chosen mail-order voting for Italians abroad. What happens to the ballots (in the passage between Italy and the consulate and back) is beyond the availability of those who are penalized or benefited from the vote. We have a duty to assume that the vote has been legitimately expressed and must be referred to the authors of the individual ballots “. Or better: “an illegitimacy must be proved rigorously, while here the proof is not there but only some clues are provided: the proof to the contrary must instead be full, unequivocal and sure”.

In short, for Paniz it is not enough to prove that Cario in some sections such as those of Buenos Aires achieved record percentages a little suspicious. Nor that the appraisals have shown that the same hands have always written more than one ballot, as also ascertained by the committee set up within the council for the elections. But there it is: for Paniz it is all very explainable: “Cario’s result records an ongoing trend: a gradual decline in the votes of traditional parties in favor of lists and independent movements like his”. And the calligraphic appraisals? “The exam covered a few cards and a few sections: minimal elements to contest the election “. Porta’s defense is useless: “The law for the election of Italians abroad has some critical issues and the Senate Council has a power of constitutional control that serves to guarantee representation. We cannot morally accept putting our heads in the sand ”. In the end, Cario also spoke, which is more unique than rare in the Palazzo. And given the difficulties with the Italian, he simply subscribed to what Paniz said. “I thank the council”, he said, “I have no words”. Curtain.

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