Collegio 6, tonight’s appointment on Rai 2 canceled: here’s where you can see it

Collegio 6, tonight’s appointment on Rai 2 canceled: here’s where you can see it
Collegio 6, tonight’s appointment on Rai 2 canceled: here’s where you can see it

The road towards the eighth grade exam of the 1977 class continues, protagonist of the sixth edition of the College. The docu-reality will not air tonight at 21.20 on Rai2, but it will be possible to see it elsewhere.

It is Tuesday and therefore on Rai 2, Everyone 21.20, it should go on the air The College 6, the funny docu-reality based on the international format Le Pensionnat – That’ll teach’em. And instead, because of our beloved tennis player Matteo Berrettini, the program will be on RaiPlay, always at the same time. For its sixth edition, the program takes us back to a wonderful year both for those who lived it and for those who have heard about it from their parents or grandparents. Let’s talk about 1977, when they were there Discoring, Portobello, free radios, youth protest, best music ever, flared pants, long-haired men and feminism. The teachers of the Regina Margherita boarding school in Anagni are trying to educate the children about so much splendor, but they find themselves facing a rather tough class, perhaps the most undisciplined ever. Will they be able to tame it? We will find out in the Fourth Episode.

College 6: Where did we stay?

The Third Episode of the College 6 it was quite eventful and started with a fair punishment for Gaia Cascino e Davide Maroni, who have shown themselves disrespectful towards the Professor Maggi. The Headmaster forgave them, while he warned the three plagues Alessandro Giglio, Giovanni D’Ambrosio e Simone Casadei that they are in the eye of the storm and that at the slightest show of disrespect they will be chased away. The boys had an interesting journalism lesson and created fanzines, mainly dedicated to gossip. They also went on a trip to Ostia Antica, where they were split into two teams. The prize for the victorious team was a burger and fries meal. Meanwhile the teacher Petolicchio she had to be absent and a substitute teacher arrived in her place, who was treated very badly by the students. The same fate happened to the English teacher, who tried in vain to teach the class the words of the song by Pink Floyd “Wish you Were Here”. Davide Maroni he refused to read and gave the teacher crazy, and so the headmaster decided to send him away from the boarding school. “Protagonist” of the Third Episode it was somehow as well Nanni Moretti with his debut film I am self-sufficient, which the college students did not love at all. The least welcome thing among the students, however, was the decision to Gaia to return to his family. The girl has realized that she wants her old life back and wants to be with loved ones. The companions greeted her with affection. Another moment of sincerity and tears was a lesson on physiognomy during which the weight of the judgment of others was discussed.

The College 6: Anticipations of the Fourth Episode

The new episode of the College, which is the Fourth, will open with the Dean who, in the courtyard of the Convitto Regina Margherita in Anagni, will give the usual speech at the beginning of the week. What is about to begin is of fundamental importance, because it will end with the delivery of the mid-term report cards. In short, it will be decided who will stay and who will have to go home. After that it will be football time for the students, who will be divided into two teams to play the Derby de Il Collegio. Sport will be followed by art, in this case photography. This time there will be four teams and each group will have to produce the perfect shot. The pupils will then go on to compete on the singing-dance floor and the winners will get a large prize. There will also be an immersion in the seventh art, with a brand new and interesting cinema project. As is natural, between one activity and another the kids will find a way to make noise and behave in an undisciplined if not rude way. The tension will build and someone will show unexpected sides of their character. There will be quarrels and conflicts, as often happens in a community, and anxiety will skyrocket as you wait to know if the fateful red tie that will guarantee students to continue on their way to the eighth grade exam will be delivered or not. .

An appointment therefore This evening, Everyone 21.20 its RaiPlay, with the Fourth Episode of the College 6: don’t miss it!


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