” Stay with Davide and make history with him ”

” Stay with Davide and make history with him ”
” Stay with Davide and make history with him ”

Alex Belli makes Soleil Sorge nervous, who explodes against the colleague of Big Brother Vip.

After the episode, which was very difficult for Alex Belli, the actor vents with Soleil Rises, admitting that he wants to leave early on Big Brother Vip. A sentence of Alex infuriates Soleil, who lashes out against the gieffino and abandons the discussion.

Big Brother Vip, the quarrel between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge breaks out

Alex Belli faced a bet very difficult, attacked on several fronts and accused of being insincere. In fact, no one believes that the one with Soleil Rises it’s just friendship, since the blonde influencer didn’t mind showing up on the Big Brother Vip broadcast wearing an actor’s shirt. An intimate gesture, which throws new clouds on this special feeling, which also infuriated Delia Duran, Alex’s wife.

After you vented on the comments of Adriana Volpe, the gieffino spoke face to face with Soleil, admitting: “What should I do? Stay here and hear all these things, that I do the soap opera, that perhaps it is not friendship between us? If I walked in here alone and I’m not playing alone, I have to handle this. I made the mistake in coming here “. Clear it is decided to leave the house soon, but worries it makes him think: “You have to go beyond all this, what did you come here for? Now there has been a fall in this. Because of a mistake by Delia… You can’t finish here your experience doesn’t make sense ”.

Despite her friend’s good intentions, Alex loses his temper and blurts out: “I am going away on December 13th. For me it is much more important than anything else. I got my experience. Go ahead and make your own stories. You will become friends with Davide, maybe you even create a story with him “. The sibylline phrase of Clear infuriates Soleil who, after abandoning the comparison, comments: “Come on! If you have to see it like this, I’m not even here. I’m trying to help you and you have to be saying things like that “. What do you think?

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Stay Davide history

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