NEXT WEEK, here is the first Winter Raid on Italy, it can bring Cold, Rain and Snow! »

Weather: NEXT WEEK, here is the first Winter Raid on Italy, it can bring Cold, Rain and Snow!

Weather trend for next weekFirst winter raid en route to Italy. This is the confirmation which emerges in view of the next week when large movements on a hemispherical scale could favor the arrival of an air mass cold downhill from Northern Europe able to bring down temperatures and to bring so many rains and even the first snowfall at very low altitudes.

So let’s take stock of the situation, analyzing the new updates to draw a full forecast for what promises to be a serious advance of winter.

It will open next week Monday 22 with the latest rains and showers on the Tyrrhenian sectors due to a cyclonic vortex gradually moving away towards the South East. But the real novelty concerns the temperature: due to drafts of very cold air coming down from Eastern Europe, the thermal values ​​are in fact expected in noticeable decrease, especially in the Center-North.

Then our attention is focused on the day of Wednesday 24 November when one should probably come to life in the Northern European sector vast depression driven by polar currents, ready to invest first the British Isles and then also France. This unstable flow would then conclude its run in the Mediterranean basin, diving directly from the Porta del Rhone. Hence, a profound might be formed cyclone right on our seas, continuously fed by unstable currents.
This kind of configuration is among the most dangerous for the regions of the Center-North: if it were to be confirmed, it is reasonable to expect very abundant rainfall with the risk of locals as well storms e flooding.
Furthermore, given the drop in temperatures, we do not exclude the possibility of snowfall up to very low altitudes kind on Piedmont e Lombardy western; city ​​like Cuneo or Varese could then see i first snowflakes of the season.

There is still a little time left and as we always do in these cases, we invite caution, but the signals from the models are quite in agreement: the general Winter could roar ahead of time.

Dangerous cyclone from Wednesday 24: lots of rains and even snow


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