Free booking for the third dose of the Covid vaccine in Lombardy: “But only for caregivers”

Work in progress for the update of the post office portal, which has been managing the Lombardy Region agendas for a year to allow those who have been vaccinated by 30 June last to take the third dose by the end of December, 180 days later. And while the computer scientists work, flaws open up in the system. For now, the campaign for the recalls of the anti Covid 19 vaccine should allow online booking only to citizens over the age of 60; to those with high fragility; to the transplanted and immunocompromised; to health and social health workers and adults who have received the Janssen single-dose. Yet yesterday, even people younger than 60 and without pathologies, simply by clicking on the green button “book your vaccine”, entered the page that asks for a health card number and tax code, city and province of residence, zip code and mobile phone number. Just one click to get to the page where there is the booking form without barriers for those who made the second dose less than six months ago. The system indicates a series of eight appointments for the administration of the additional anti-Covid 19 dose. Why this misunderstanding? “We have opened the portal without filters to access, for example, the young caregivers of our elderly, since they took precedence for the vaccine over their personal category” is the explanation.

Bertolaso: “Third dose of the inevitable Covid vaccine, everyone will have to do it because it is the only weapon we have”

November 15, 2021

“But be careful – warn from the Welfare management of Palazzo Lombardia – the appointment must be set at least 180 days after the completion of the vaccination cycle. The indications of the Ministry of Health identify, in fact, the maximum benefit of protection with a booster” booster “done between six and eight months from the completion of the primary vaccination course”. Therefore, it is not advisable to book in advance, because then at the vaccination hub those who do not have at least 180 days from the second dose, are sent away.

The third dose of the Covid vaccine: questions and answers on times and methods

at Alessandra Corica

November 16, 2021

However, the portal does not explain this and therefore the unsuspecting citizen risks making a mistake, setting a date for the recall before the six months recommended by the second dose. And to be sent home. Why is this not highlighted, risking to confuse people? “We are updating the system. At the moment the agendas are open until the end of December – explained by the Welfare Department – so today it is possible to book citizens who have completed the vaccination cycle by June 30, who will receive a date for the appointment in the centers. open in their territory “. Yesterday, by inserting the data of a 55-year-old Milanese person, vaccinated with the second dose on June 17, we could have set the third dose already for Thursday 18 November, at Palazzo delle Scintille: one month ahead of schedule. The system proposed seven other appointments, of which two at Paolo Pini in via Ippocrate for the end of November and two in mid-December at the Humanitas in via Sardegna di Pieve Emanuele. So far. A similar case happened days ago to a citizen of Crema who was given an appointment 100 kilometers from home. Why did it happen? “For those who book well in advance of the 180-day deadline, the system looks for an open agenda. In the case of the citizen of Crema vaccinated in July who can call back in January, the only open agenda that already sets dates in January , it was a hundred kilometers away “.

Covid, Lombardy Region: third vaccine doses, the December-January agendas

by Zita Dazzi

November 14, 2021

So what to do in case of wrong booking? “Now everyone’s agendas have been aligned to December 31, so today only citizens with a vaccination cycle completed on June 30 can be booked. Anyone who has made a wrong appointment can cancel the reservation, again from the portal, and rebook. In the next few days even those under 60 vaccinated after May 31st will be able to take the right appointment, within 180 days, with appointments starting from December 1st “.

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