“Matteo thinks it’s all a show” – Corriere.it

“Matteo thinks it’s all a show” – Corriere.it
“Matteo thinks it’s all a show” – Corriere.it
from Valentina Santarpia

The leader of Italia viva attacks: «Conte runs away, he has the courage of a werewolf». Head M5S: the issues raised are serious and need to be clarified

The comparison, for now, it is only remote: on TV, on the pages of newspapers, on social networks, Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Renzi talk to each other, refer to each other, contest, dissociate. But for now they are not seen. TO The Air that pulls up The 7 this morning the leader of Iv Renzi has gone a long way: “Conte is one who runs away, the fastest man to escape in history: when they distributed the courage he was in quarantine, he has the courage of a were-rabbit, “he said inviting the former prime minister to the debate on TV. “I don’t go to shows. Let’s talk about serious things », the M5S leader Conte rejected the offer, arriving at the assembly of Confesercenti.

On the plate there are the “13 questions on the Open and on the campaign of delegitimization of the opponents,
that the M5S has placed on him ”, as Conte himself underlines in an interview with The print relaunched on Facebook. But for Renzi it is a question of goat wool: “The 13 questions? They are the same as they were on Done. These are the questions they always ask me, Giannini and Gruber also did it for me. I always answer. They already know the answers, I gave them the other night in Travaglio. So you call Conte, he asks me his 13 questions and I ask him mine, then the citizens choose “.

At stake there would also be parliamentarians of Italia Viva who would be ready to ferry from Italia Viva to the 5 Star Movement. But Renzi also dismisses the alleged “weakening of Italia Viva” in view of Leopolda and the vote for the Quirinale thus: “For me the situation is simple: if any parliamentarian wants to leave because he wants to make an agreement with Salvini or Meloni, he is right to leave. We are not sovereigns. If any parliamentarian wants to leave because they want to make an agreement with Conte or Taverna, they do well to leave. We are not populists ”, continues the leader of IV. And he insists: «I accepted a very tough confrontation on the Open affair. But waiting for political opponents to agree to make comparisons on TV, the only solution to defend their ideas is to retort blow for blow. In civil courts, of course. But also in the less civilized talks ».

November 16, 2021 (change November 16, 2021 | 15:37)


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