The Regions ask to follow the Austria model. Toti: “Restrictions apply only to unvaccinated”. But the government is holding back for now

the Regions ask the government to follow the Austria model and provide for restrictions only for unvaccinated people, but for the moment the executive is holding back. If the increase in infections, but above all of the hospitalizations, will continue at this rate, soon in Italy the yellow areas. The governors are pressing for a change of course: “We will ask the government as Regions that the restrictive measures linked to bands of color apply to people who they didn’t get the vaccine, not for the people who have done it correctly “, announced the president of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, after a phone call with the president of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga. The Northern League governors, with the president of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the lead, confirm the hard line against the no-vax, despite the softer positions of the leader of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini. A chorus that also involves Lombardy: “We cannot think of restrictions for these citizens who have demonstrated confidence, awareness and sense of the common good, ”he wrote on Facebook Attilio Fontana.

Fedriga had already announced that he wanted to follow the Austria model: interviewed by The newspaper, he reiterated that “the restrictions cannot be borne by the vaccinated, it would be excessive to make the situation weigh on those who have taken two or even three doses while protecting themselves and the community “. The idea is similar to that of the Calabrian governor Roberto Occhiuto, which focuses on the eventual orange zone: “It is true, some Regions risk going into the yellow zone, but with this possible variation in color fortunately it would change little than the white area. Different speech if the number of infections and hospitalizations should continue to increase dramatically in the coming weeks – he explained – In that case, yes, I agree with President Fedriga and with President Toti, should they become necessary new restrictions these should only involve those who have not been vaccinated ”.

For the government, however, there are no numerical conditions to do like Austria. Beyond the Alpine border, it is explained by executive sources, it has just under 10 million inhabitants and the cases are about 12mil a day: “It is as if we traveled on 72 thousand new infections in 24 hours”. While on Monday in Italy there were 5,144 new cases, with peaks of 8,500 in last week. Pressure on medical area is terapie intensive, it is reiterated, “it is a bit higher in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Bolzano is not shooting upwards”. The system of areas of staining. The yellow, orange or red areas, it is underlined, are triggered on the basis of hospital indicators and intensive care and “are what the Regions have asked for”.

The governors, however, are compact and want measures only for the no vax: “If anyone has to be convinced are those who have not been vaccinated, the measures that must be taken, must be taken only for the unvaccinated, certainly not for those who have done until the end his duty “, said Toti, who is vice president of the Conference of Regions:” We all risk in this country: a little while ago I was on the phone with Fedriga and theincidence is high in many parts of the country, hospitals are still significantly empty so there is no emergency in our region and I am not worried, I am careful and cautious“. “In any case – he added – what it must be clear to all is that we will ask as Regions that the restrictive measures linked to color bands, if they must apply to someone, apply to people who they didn’t get the vaccine and not for the people who have done it correctly ”.

Toti also proposed to review the rules on the Green pass and envisage “a regime two-speed“. He explained it to Corriere della Sera: “The green certificate is valid for all uses currently granted only if obtained with the double dose of vaccine, not with the swab“. “If the data gets worse, it is a way to go – he declared – Whoever is vaccinated, protecting himself and his family, has the right to live a normal life. Who not, with the swab will only be able to access essential activities to survival: he will be able to work, make essential purchases (food, pharmaceuticals) but not go to places where he puts his life at risk own health and also that of others“. “It is not possible, out of fear, selfishness and the contesting position of some, to close the country”, concluded Toti.

The Northern League player Fedriga is on the same line and fears for his Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which on the basis of the data risks ending up in the yellow zone within a week: “We are very close. I hope I don’t get to the orange zone. With yellow the restrictions are as limited as the use of the grille on the outside and four at the table in the restaurant. If we slide towards orange changes a lot “. “I’m not talking about more restrictions for the unvaccinated – the governor specified – but more opening for i vaccine. Among the causes of the surge in infections, there is certainly an influence from neighboring countries, such as Austria e Slovenia where there is a high incidence “. However, Fedriga underlined, “the fact is that the parades of Trieste they have caused the most big cluster of the pandemic history of Friuli-Venezia Giulia “. “Having said that, we must be realistic – he always explained to The newspaper – there is no vaccine that guarantees 100% coverage, however it represents one drastic decrease risk. It’s like riding in the car security belt. The accident can happen, but I reduce the possibility of getting hurt ”, he concluded.

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