Low cost travel by plane: what changes from 23 November

Low cost travel by plane: what changes from 23 November
Low cost travel by plane: what changes from 23 November

Starting from November 23rd, they will no longer be able to board “for free” hand luggage on flights of low cost airlines. In order to do this, you will need to pay a surcharge or be equipped with a ticket with a higher rate than the standard one. The new rules will come into force from next week for Vueling and later also for EasyJet. Ryanair and WindJet, on the other hand, have already changed the company policy in the summer months.

The new rules for Vueling hand luggage

The way of traveling changes as well as the rates of some additional services offered by low cost airlines. The novelty mainly concerns the embarkation of hand luggage. If until yesterday on Vueling flights it was possible to take a small suitcase (10 kg – 55X40X20) free of charge, which was deposited in the cabin or in the hold of the aircraft before take-off, from next November 23 an additional cost will have to be paid. The extra disbursement will be applied to holders of a ticket with a basic fare, while those who have a travel ticket in the standard range (Optima, Family, Time Flex, Space On, Space On Plus) will continue to benefit from the service. completely free of charge. It will always be possible, however, without any distinction of tariffs, to bring with you a small bag or backpack to be placed under the seat in front or in the overhead bin. In addition, the free double hand baggage is always valid for travelers with a higher-tier ticket.

What changes on EasyJet flights

EasyJet has also decided to conform to the standards adopted by other low cost airlines. The company policy so far provides that holders of a basic ticket can take only one in the cabin bag small, to be placed strictly under the seat in front or in the parcel shelf. Only travelers with a higher fare ticket are allowed to board a hand suitcase weighing up to 10 kg and measuring 55X40X20 free of charge. In the coming weeks, the baggage can be checked into the cabin only and exclusively upon payment of a surcharge. The fare will vary depending on the route traveled. The new rules have already entered into force in the United Kingdom and, starting in the next few weeks, will also be valid in other countries.


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