Covid, Gelmini: Green Pass remains valid for 12 months, but we evaluate the infections

Covid, Gelmini: Green Pass remains valid for 12 months, but we evaluate the infections
Covid, Gelmini: Green Pass remains valid for 12 months, but we evaluate the infections

“At the moment the validity of the Green pass remains 12 months, but the Government monitors the trend of infections from Covid-19 with great attention, we know that the winter months are difficult months, favorable to the spread of the virus. We will evaluate on the basis of the trend of infections “. This was stated by the Minister for Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, in an interview with “Start” on Sky TG24, answering the question whether the Government is evaluating the reduction of the validity of the Green pass, also considering the temporal misalignment between the duration of the latter, twelve months, and the immunity given by the vaccine, six months. (COVID: THE LATEST NEWS LIVE – COVID VACCINE: DATA AND GRAPHICS ON ADMINISTRATIONS IN ITALY, REGION BY REGION)

Gelmini: “Let’s run with the third dose of the vaccine, it will be for everyone”


Covid in Italy and in the world: the latest news of November 16. LIVE

Commenting on the progress of the national anti-Covid vaccination campaign, and in particular the administration of the “booster” dose, Gelmini noted: “We are running with the third dose, we are explaining that this recall is not proof that the vaccine does not work. but that is a piece of vaccination “. This” happens for Covid as for other vaccinations. We have already vaccinated two million people “with the third dose,” now the expertise for the vaccination plan is there and so we started exactly from frail patients, from over 80, from cancer patients. We have extended, however, from December 1st the possibility of vaccinating over 40s because we believe that we must protect the population as widely as possible “, he added, and then underlined that the third dose “will be for everyone”. “This time we do not have a problem related to the quantity of vaccines, the doses are there. We are collaborating with the Regions, and I must say that Minister Franco is helping us to solve a budget problem: the Regions have asked for two billion for to be able to meet the expenses they have already incurred against Covid, but the Ministry of Economy is working and is sensitive to this request. There will also be a discussion with the group leaders, so this is a very important issue “, he noted.

“State of emergency? Possible extension, Government will be cohesive”

As for the state of emergency, due to expire at the end of the year, the minister stressed that a possible extension is possible and will be decided on the basis of “infections”. “It seems to me that it is a more technical decision than a political one, linked once again to the trend of the virus and certainly not to partisan choices. However, this government, which is characterized by a heterogeneous majority, has taken all the decisions to date. ‘unanimity, with a constructive discussion within the Council of Ministers, so I am confident that, if there were, this step will take place in a cohesive manner and with the awareness of unity “, added Gelmini, answering the question whether I fear that the ‘possible passage of the extension of the state of emergency could turn into a moment of turbulence for the Executive.

“Violence against women is a social plague”

“We are aware that” violence against women “is a social scourge against which Parliament has already acted across the board, approving important rules: I am thinking of the Red Code, which is a law essentially approved unanimously. We have introduced new types of crime, from sexting to revenge porn, but we have particularly acted on the perpetrator front. On the other hand, I believe that there are still very large margins to protect the victims ”, then underlined Gelmini, commenting on“ Basta ”, the campaign against femicide carried out by the news channel. “We are certainly grateful to the anti-violence centers, which perform a very important function, and Minister Bonetti did well in demanding that the financial resources for these realities be made structural – he added -. This is a further step forward, and in the next Budget Law it is precisely foreseen that these resources, which were quite emergency, will instead become stable to give concrete support. But this is not enough. “Gelmini then announced that he was working with the other ministers on a new proposal, which will be presented in the next few days.” What I can say is that the State cannot leave the women they find alone after so many adventures. , many difficulties, the courage to report violence. What we are thinking about is a protection for women who find the strength to report abuses, violence, unsustainable situations ”, she said. “I think the positive collaboration with the Regions is also very important – he concluded. With Minister Bonetti, two weeks ago, we met the regional managers of equal opportunities, and there is careful monitoring of the trend of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the year 103 women have lost their lives, one every three days: it is a fact of absolute gravity with respect to which a strong synergy is needed between the central State, the Regions but also that associationism that is really precious on this front and without which we would not be able to prepare an adequate response “.


Covid Gelmini Green Pass remains valid months evaluate infections

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