Explosion in Liverpool, the hero taxi driver and the bomber “Enzo”

Explosion in Liverpool, the hero taxi driver and the bomber “Enzo”
Explosion in Liverpool, the hero taxi driver and the bomber “Enzo”

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The profile of the bomber is emerging who, on Sunday 14 November, blew himself up in a taxis in Liverpool, right in front of the Women’s Hospital. The explosion caused one death – the kamikaze himself – and one wounded: the intervention of the taxi driver David Perry that, apparently, seeing the man fumbling around something he was wearing, he would be able to get out of the car, locking the bomber inside and thus limiting damage to third parties. The taxi driver’s prompt reaction was also praised by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The story therefore seems to be reduced to the action of a single: according to the British media of the 32-year-old asylum seeker and converted to Christianity in 2017. The man had been in the United Kingdom for some time but without ties to international terrorism. His is also being examined by the British services psychic condition, nor is the provenance clear, which the British media now refer generically as “from the Middle East”, now speaking of a Jordanian citizen who grew up in Iraq.

Certainly his name appears to the contrary: Emad Al Swealmeen however, he had changed his identity, assuming the alias of Enzo Almeni years ago, with the aim of looking more Western and thus having a better chance of obtaining political asylum. As for the first name, obviously Italian, it would have been a homage to Enzo Ferrari, the unforgettable founder of the Modenese car manufacturer, of which the 32-year-old seems to have been an admirer.

British counter-terrorism also confirmed the release without charge of the four young people, between 20 and 29 years of age, initially stopped as potential supporters, also initially accused of violating the British Earth law.

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Explosion Liverpool hero taxi driver bomber Enzo

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