maximum eight at the table (all vaccinated), masks required

maximum eight at the table (all vaccinated), masks required
maximum eight at the table (all vaccinated), masks required

Christmas, what precautions should be taken to avoid taking risks? Virologists launch the alert even in the presence of a strong rise in infections in some regions with Friuli that seems one step away from the yellow zone. The fundamental points are few but clear: avoid crowded tables, use masks and, preferably, invite those who are vaccinated to lunch and dinner. This is to protect the elderly and children.

Pregliasco: «I’m afraid Covid’s tail blow. Christmas shopping with surgical mask and lockdown “

Menichetti: the rules at the table

«Limit yourself to 6-8 people at Christmas lunches, be careful with children and the elderly, use a mask «. These are the recommendations that come from the virologist Francesco Menichetti, former head of infectious diseases at the hospital of Pisa in view of the upcoming holidays that are still at risk. We have the problem of the drop in immunity among vaccinated people over the years, we have a large circulation of viruses among children and then – the doctor reminds Adnkronos Salute – there are still 7 million unvaccinated. So the recommendation – affirms Menichetti – is to be ourselves, beyond any restrictions imposed, responsible and prudent, avoiding gigantic aggregations and maintaining the usual etiquette that must guide us also and above all in moments, such as the Christmas one, which are potentially of abandonment. , in the context of family and friends, of the precautionary rules. And to whom does he say ‘then what are we vaccinated to do?’ I remember that the vaccine is needed and is proving it, to empty cemeteries and hospitals. But – he concludes – it is always better not to get infected».

Covid, the fourth wave pushes European countries towards new restrictions

The knot of the unvaccinated

«To increase anti-Covid vaccinations “there is also another way we are making little use of, namely that of social sentiment: I do not invite an unvaccinated acquaintance or friend of mine to my house for dinner. If we all began to say that if you are not vaccinated at the Christmas dinner you will not come, I believe that some other vaccination will recover ». This was stated by epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco, former health councilor of Puglia, guest at TimeLine on SkyTg24. On the possibility of intervening with a squeeze on the Green pass, Lopalco suggests that “the validity of the certificate could be limited, that is: it is issued only if or if you have had a natural infection, so if you are cured of Covid, or if you have vaccinated or if you have a medical exemption. We therefore avoid making a swab for the Green pass every 3 days. This would already mean that I have an unvaccinated colleague in my workplace. I think this would once again increase the level of incentive to get vaccinated ».

Luca Zaia: “In two weeks we will have 100 hospitalized in intensive care for Covid”

Clementi: we still have time

Is Christmas 2021 at risk due to Covid? «I would hope not. If there are no elements such as demonstrations without masks, and if we manage to bring at least half of those 8 million Italians not vaccinated against Covid among the over 12 to vaccination, and subsequently, we will see, if necessary, children under 12 years old, we will be able truly achieve a very high population coverage target. The Italian strategy is to insist on the first vaccinations and third doses, which will be an element that will accompany us in the next 4-5 months, since we will be able to do the boosters after 6 months from the second dose, and this will greatly strengthen everyone’s immune power. “. For the virologist Massimo Clementi “we still have time” to save Christmas from the ghost of the fourth wave and any consequent containment measures. “We are in time to stop a possible wave of new infections if we move immediately and if we reduce that share of people without even a dose of vaccine, which still exists. We have an enviable situation at the moment compared to other countries even close to us such as Austria », the director of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan explains to Adnkronos Salute. “What we can expect is a small increase in cases and many unvaccinated among these cases. Furthermore – he adds – we can expect that the vaccinated, who will be between 10 and 20% of the entire share of the newly infected, will not clog up health facilities that much. So the picture already looks different ». «I would hope – hopes the expert – that at some point the strategy we have used can reverse this trend, as has happened in some other countries. It is possible to bring the curve back down before Christmas, because the virus in this period has also benefited from the fact that the season has brought a cooling »of temperatures. «The humid climate facilitates it, stabilizes its infectivity, but I trust that, being faced with a highly immunized population», Sars-CoV-2 «cannot spread too much».

Yellow zone, Fedriga: “Friuli is one step away”. Contagions are rising strongly in 4 regions and in Bolzano


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