GDP & dividends: the winning banks

GDP & dividends: the winning banks
GDP & dividends: the winning banks

According to what Stefano Righi reported for L’Economia of Corriere della Sera, from one year to the next “the main ones six Italian banks they earned nearly five billion euros more “, passing from net aggregate profits for 3.9 billion to 8.7 billion euros. This increase is attributable to non-recurring factors, including the enthusiasm for the recovery shown by the social fabric, which pushes GDP towards growth.

“The financial statements of the credit sector in fact benefited from the effects of some extraordinary transactions,” writes the newspaper, referring to the acquisition of UBI Banca by Intesa Sanpaolo, but also the closure of Turkish activities by UniCredit and the latest developments in the business of MPS. “The effects of these accounting maneuvers”, he explains, “are part of those 5 billion higher profits made in the first nine months of the year by the top six Italian banks”.

Along with profits, the capitalization on the Stock Exchange, and back to the distribution of dividends: After more than 10 years, investors recognize that the sector is once again profitable.

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GDP dividends winning banks

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