Skyrim, fans uncover a truly creepy secret

Skyrim, fans uncover a truly creepy secret
Skyrim, fans uncover a truly creepy secret

Arrived to blow out its first ten candles, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is Bethesda’s fantasy RPG that has become a real yardstick for its genre.

The fifth installment of the franchise is recently available in one Anniversary Edition designed to showcase the power of the new generation consoles, also giving the opportunity to rediscover (for the umpteenth time) a now timeless classic.

Recently our editor-in-chief Stefania Sperandio decided to tell us clearly why the anniversary of Skyrim is a very important event for the entire video game industry.

Not to mention that someone recently discovered that it was probably better off when in Skyrim there was no fishing (and there is a good reason).

Now, as also reported by The Gamer, someone seems to have tracked down a rather creepy, not to mention creepy, detail of the game.

In one mission, Aventus Aretino asks us to kill Grelod, the matriarch ofRiften orphanage. After joining the Dark Brotherhood, just go to Honorhall and perform the secondary quest (to be honest, not too demanding).

However, someone has discovered that Grelod would have had the habit of chain the children to the wall, in a small wardrobe in the structure.

The detail is present in a dimly lit room of the orphanage and therefore quite difficult to notice: at first glance, it appears to be an empty cupboard with a bucket, although it is then evident that there are chains attached to the walls.

According to another player, the children reveal the existence of the room if you speak to them several times, so much so that one of them insistently asks not to be locked in there again.

Pic via The Gamer

It is speculated that Grelod decided to “recruit” some children for the Guild of Thieves, as some members revealed that they joined the gang right after their experience in the orphanage.

You also read that Skyrim Anniversary Edition Does it have a tribute to the players inside, but that has the aftertaste of the long-standing meme?

On the pages of SpazioGames we finally decided to insert Skyrim in our ranking of the best open worlds, published a few weeks ago.

If you haven’t played yet Skyrim, you can find it inside the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: the subscription is also rechargeable on Amazon.

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