You can check WhatsApp without opening WhatsApp – here’s how

Every time we log in to WhatsApp, we reveal our online presence to others: our last access is recorded, the blue ticks appear when we read the messages and, even if we deactivate these options, the signal that we are still appears on the bar of our chat online. Ma is there any way to check whatsapp without opening whatsapp? And, if there is, what is it?

Let’s start by saying that the method exists and that it is a very simple trick although with some small limitations. It is a trick that allows us to do a check (almost) complete with the App instant messaging of the Meta group without revealing our online presence or signaling that you have read any new messages. It is practically a way to move on WhatsApp in a manner stealth, invisible to radar like an F-117.

To do this, all you have to do is exploit i widget can be activated on our smartphone. its Android, the procedure is to press and hold on an empty space on the screen Home, then select the option Widget and then choose the one related to WhatsApp. On the iPhone equipped with iOS, on the other hand, the procedure consists in holding down an empty area of ​​the screen Home, and then select the button add in the upper left corner (marked with a + sign), then select the Widget corresponding to WhatsApp. At this point, all we have to do is scroll through the Widget of WhatsApp up to place it on the part of the screen that we prefer.

But what happens with the Widget of WhatsApp? For real allows you to check WhatsApp without opening the application?

The answer is yes: In the Widget we will be updated on every notification and on every new message that comes to us on WhatsApp, with the possibility of read a preview for several notifications at the same time (usually up to 6). Basically a way to stay up to date on everything that is happening without ever revealing our online presence. The only limitation concerns the ability to reply to messages: for that there is no Widget, but you must necessarily log in to the App.


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