Christmas Bonus 2021, how it works and who is entitled to it: the guide – Economy

Christmas Bonus 2021, how it works and who is entitled to it: the guide – Economy
Christmas Bonus 2021, how it works and who is entitled to it: the guide – Economy

With the winter holidays approaching, we return to talk about the Natal 2021 Bonus, an income support measure introduced by the 2001 finance law, confirmed and refinanced in the latest Sostegni Bis decree law. It is a disbursement of money by the INPS in favor of pensioners entitled to minimum benefits, therefore a smaller but growing portion of the Italian population.

Like last year, the amount of the bonus is equal to 154.90 euros to go down depending on income: the sum is paid directly into the paychecks of the pensioners who are eligible contextually to the thirteenth. Those who habitually collect the pension on the current account will receive, in addition to the usual treatment, the Christmas bonus and the bonus on the first useful day of December, those who go to the post office for the withdrawal will benefit from it from 25 November with the following affabetic order

  • A – B: Thursday 25 November;
  • C – D: Friday 26 November;
  • E – K: Saturday 27 November (morning only);
  • L – W: Monday 29 November;
  • P – R: Tuesday 30 November;
  • S – Z: Wednesday 1st December

It is important to point out that no application must be submitted to INPS, accompanied by Isee certification or other documents: it is the state body that carries out the operation directly only to those who have the required requisites. Let’s see what they are.

As anticipated, the Christmas Bonus is a welfare measure designed for the less well-off, in other words pensioners from very low income. The maximum sum of 154.90 euros is due to those who receive the minimum pension and are in precise income conditions. Which? Let’s start by saying that the personal income limit (not just pension) beyond which you are not entitled to the bonus is 10,043.87 euros in 2020. If the pensioner is married, the income threshold becomes 20,087.73 euros per year. Having clarified this, the full bonus of 154.90 euros will go to those who receive the minimum: 6,695.91 euros in one year. Those who reach € 6,850 will be entitled to a lower payment. Whoever exceeds this threshold will receive only the thirteenth.

The holders of the increases are the following categories of pensioners:

  • pensioners of private management
  • registered in the former Enpals management

The following categories of pensioners are excluded from the measure:

  • civil invalidity
  • social allowances and social pensions
  • supplementary pensions
  • pension and checks from credit institutions and company managers
  • international pensions not taxed in Italy

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