GTA Trilogy is unplayable, rain of complaints against Rockstar

There are numerous complaints for GTA The Trilogy. The community says it is unplayable, many controversies against Rockstar

gta the trilogy, problems for several users (source

Many years have passed since the first chapter of the saga that came out, there are several fans who have tightened more and more around its offer. When it comes to Grand Theft Auto, it’s pretty safe now. Rockstar titles have entered history and have made more and more players and users fall in love all over the world. But, this time, GTA The Trilogy certainly cannot be compared to his brothers.

But how is this possible given that it is a proposal of 3 games already released some time ago and which have been a real success? The complaints refer to several problems born both on the new Sony next-gen and also on PC. Strange, especially since the Trilogy edition includes the first 3 chapters of Grand Theft Auto remastered.

GTA The Trilogy, problems that limit its correct functioning

gta the trilogy
gta the trilogy, problems for several users (source

A rather strange day one that of the special edition in a trilogy format of the Rockstar Games masterpieces. The real problem is that situations arise that make them truly unplayable on both PS5 and PC. But what will be, or will be, the causes of these malfunctions? Apparently, it’s all down to the client.

In fact, the Rockstar Games client was not online for several hours. This resulted a connection failure, by PC gamers, due to the offline client from 7pm on Thursday. On the official Twitter account of the company, the communication of the problem arrives “The client was taken offline for maintenance” but still without any solution.

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Indeed, some users cannot even access other games. There are several players who have folded back on the pirate version, released a few hours later. Obviously there are numerous complaints raised by the community due to this misunderstanding. We hope that Rockstar Games will soon take action to fix this problem that prevents many users from being able to play.


GTA Trilogy unplayable rain complaints Rockstar

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