“I didn’t hear my daughter. What do I have to do with her? “

“I didn’t hear my daughter. What do I have to do with her? “
“I didn’t hear my daughter. What do I have to do with her? “

«I didn’t hear my daughter“. It was these mom’s words that has abandoned her little girl born to a surrogate mother in Ukraine. The woman first started all the procedures to become a mother with the uterus of another woman for rent, but after a few weeks with her baby she decided to abandon it.

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“I haven’t felt it anymore, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear my daughter. I said to myself: “What do I have to do with her?”. I couldn’t deal with her. ‘ Summoned two weeks ago at the Prosecutor’s Office in Novara, they supported their decision with firmness and lucidity without showing any second thoughts. The woman and her husband, in fact, are not sorry for what they have done.

The couple tried for a long time to have a child, but failed, they resorted to surrogacy. When their baby was born they went to Ukraine where they took the baby straight from the hospital. A few days later they hired a nanny to take care of her and left her with the woman in Ukraine, returning alone to Italy. But to get the little girl back they never stopped taking an interest in her and paying the money to keep her, effectively abandoning her, until the nanny reported everything.

Now the couple will have to legally answer for what happened, while the little one was brought to Italy and entrusted to a Piedmontese couple. The Ukrainian nanny told what happened in detail, explaining that she immediately understood that the adoptive parents had abandoned her, adding that she would have liked to raise her, but had difficulty going on without the help of the couple and knew that in doing so she would do. lose to the baby those natural rights also linked to the recognition that took place at birth.

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didnt hear daughter

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