Giampiero Galeazzi, a carpet of roses and the Lazio shirt in the Campidoglio

Giampiero Galeazzi, a carpet of roses and the Lazio shirt in the Campidoglio
Giampiero Galeazzi, a carpet of roses and the Lazio shirt in the Campidoglio

“Hello Bistecco ‘”. Someone leaves a greeting written in the book of signatures, while citizens and colleagues of a lifetime parade in the hall of the Protomoteca in Campidoglio, used as a funeral home for the last farewell to Giampiero Galeazzi. Among others there is an Italian-German who lives in Dortmund, Gianni Scaglione: “I met him in Duisburg where Italy was in retreat in 2006, he was a unique man, I felt like coming to say hello, I wanted to”.

Galeazzi fan, for him the Lazio shirt

On the coffin a carpet of pink roses, with a top of the Lazio with the number 9 and the name Galeazzi: “Because he was our breakthrough center-forward”, President Claudio recalls with a smile Lotito. Lazio is also present with the banner, and with Tommaso Rocchi, the Under 18 coach. “We will remember him on Saturday in Lazio-Juventus, we will see in what form (it is probable that the players wear mourning on the arm, ed) – continues the patron – . Giampiero was the exponent of an authentic and true journalism, which I would define icastic, he made emotions alive. He was an example for the younger generations. An authentic, discreet Lazio man who made many phone calls and told me to go ahead with mine. Street”.


A few meters away the children Susanna and Gianluca, while his wife Laura preferred not to be there. Next to the coffin, also the photo of the last appearance in Rai and the one in which, beautiful, he plays the role of a young and talented tank top. The mayor Roberto Gualtieri, with the tricolor band on his chest, also addressed a greeting to the family. Then the colleagues, many, from Enrico Mentana to the friends of Rai: the director of Rai Sport Auro Bulbarelli, Alessandra De Stefano, Marco Lollobrigida, Ivana Vaccari. There is also the world of rowing, from the banner of Canottieri Roma to the great canoeist Oreste Perri, very moved: “I have tons of memories with Giampiero. A piece of my life goes away”.

A sports man

The new councilor for sport, Alessandro Onorato, announces: «In the next few days we will study an initiative with the family and the world of sport to better remember Giampiero, and we will do it with a smile. Now it is too early to say whether we will name a route or what, but it will be an initiative that will take into account all its great actions: tennis, rowing, football, sports journalism, Giampiero represented them all at their best and something we will have to do. for him”.

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