14-year-old refuses the burqa: mother and brother beat her to death

14-year-old refuses the burqa: mother and brother beat her to death
14-year-old refuses the burqa: mother and brother beat her to death

Refused to wear the burqa and for this reason she was repeatedly beaten by her family. A dramatic story that of one 14enne Bengali resident in Ostia, victim of constant harassment because he would have opposed the rigid dictates of radical Islam. The teenager, who ended up in hospital with a head injury after being attacked by her brother, turned to the carabinieri. The offenses raised by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office against the mother and older brother are mistreatment and personal injury.

The shock attack

Kicks, punches and slaps. A shocking story is what the 14-year-old Bengali told the carabinieri at the station in via dei Fabbri Navali, on the coast of Ostia, when she denounced her family on Saturday evening after yet another episode of violence. The girl would have been brutally beaten by the brother 17 year old who, in the grip of uncontrolled anger, would have thrown her against a wall only to then bang her head on a piece of furniture. Rescued with the 118 ambulance, the teenager was transported to the Grassi hospital in Ostia where the doctors found her a head injury. After being under observation for a few hours, the 14-year-old was discharged and transferred to a protected facility.

“They want to send me to Bangladesh”

Continuous beatings and harassment. The girl told the Arma soldiers that she was beaten up by her brother because he refused to wear the burqa. And not only. Often it would have been the victim of attacks also by the mother for disobeying the imposition of the Islamic veil. “They want to send me to Bangladesh“, he then added, detailing the story of dramatic details. The case was reported to the Rome Prosecutor’s Office to ascertain the circumstances of the facts. The 14-year-old’s family members were reported with the hypothesis of a crime for mistreatment and personal injury.

De Vecchis (Lega): “Islamist fanaticism incompatible with democracy”

The senator of the League spoke out on the matter William De Vecchis: “The shameful assault suffered in Ostia by a teenager originally from Bangladesh by her mother and brother because she refused to wear the burqa and to follow the precepts of Islam with greater intensity is unacceptable and must be strongly condemned. – commented De Vecchis – Such dramatic episodes are intolerable for a democracy like ours which in its founding law, the Constitution, provides for respect for diversity, different opinions and religious choice. Now space for the judiciary which will shed light on the outlines of a still unclear story and, if established, that the guilty pay for their responsibilities; however, it must be said clearly that Islamist religious fanaticism is incompatible with our national community, already marked by distressing events that sadly passed into the news“.

Meloni (Fdi): “Solidarity with the young”

Even the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni intervened on the matter: “An unworthy story, the one that involves a Bengali girl, beaten and humiliated by her family because she is against wearing the burqa. And this is just one of the many cases that, on a daily basis, involve young people who are abused by their parents by virtue of fundamentalist dictates. – comments Giorgia Meloni on Facebook – It is unacceptable: in our country there is no room for those who are unable to respect our culture and civilization. My solidarity with the young woman, now fortunately a guest of a protected structure“.


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