A4, feels bad at the wheel and ends up against the guardrail: woman dies

A 69-year-old woman died on the morning of Monday 15 November, around 10.50 am, on the A4 motorway in the stretch from Capriate and Trezzo d’Adda. The woman was driving her car when, probably due to an illness, she lost control of the vehicle by first hitting the Guard Rail of a lay-by and then finishing her race against New Jersey on the other side of the road.

The alarm of some motorists who witnessed the scene was immediate. An ambulance, an auto-medical and the helicopter rescue arrived on the spot. Doctors performed a heart massage on the woman to no avail. The firefighters of the Dalmine detachment and the Traffic Police also intervened on the spot.
The firefighters secured the vehicle and cleared the compromised area.

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feels bad wheel ends guardrail woman dies

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