Parma in the lead, leap of Milan and Bologna

November 15, 2021 11:18 AM

On the podium also Trento and Bolzano: many surprises among the top places, less among the last ones where once again the South confirms itself at the bottom of the 2021 ranking of Italia Oggi

The province of Parma climbs 38 positions and conquers the summit. The figures of Bologna are striking (from 27th to fourth) and Milan, which goes up by 40 positions and reaches the fifth from the 45th. Trieste also did well, from 40th to seventh, as was Florence, from 31st to sixth.

Abrupt stop to the hegemony of Pordenone and Trento that after years of alternating in the lead they have to settle for ninth and second place respectively. Crotone closes the ranking slipping from penultimate to last place, bad Naples, Foggia, Syracuse: all at the bottom of the ranking, like most of the southern cities.


Parma lead leap Milan Bologna

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