Accident on the A4 motorway: a woman died

Fatal accident on the A4 motorway on Monday between Capriate and Trezzo sull’Adda. A 69-year-old woman lost her life in a crash that occurred a few minutes before 11am. Unfortunately for the lady there was nothing to do: she died instantly, the medical staff who arrived on the spot were useless. .

The Regional Emergency and Urgency Agency has sent two pre-alerted ambulances in red code and the helicopter rescue. On the spot also the traffic police officers who carried out the surveys to ascertain the dynamics of the fatal accident that seems to have occurred following the impact against an obstacle. According to a first hypothesis, the woman could have been seized by a fatal illness at the wheel just before the impact. The medical staff could only ascertain the death.

In the stretch, along the lanes in the direction of Milan, there were long queues to allow rescue operations.

The accident on the East Ring Road in the morning

Traffic haywire along Milan’s Tangenziale Est (A51) on Monday morning. The week of many motorists started in traffic due to a road accident in the section between the Lambrate and Cascina Gobba exits, heading north. According to initial information, shortly after 6 a car overturned following a road accident.

Two 118 ambulances intervened on the spot, first in red code then downgraded to green, the firefighters and the traffic police. The accident, as reported by Milano Serravalle, occurred at kilometer 9 + 100. The crash left two injured, aged 48 and 51. Neither of them would be in serious condition.


Accident motorway woman died

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