Italy, who takes the penalties? FIFA speculates on candidates for the role of Jorginho

With the Italian-Brazilian who missed two penalties out of two in the delicate challenges against Switzerland, there is no shortage of hypotheses for his replacement.

Penalty kicks they are a real lottery, whether in regulation minutes or at the end of an intense knockout match. He knows something about it Italy who, having been awarded at the last European Championships, saw two chances for qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar vanish due to the same number of mistakes of his most reliable player in this fundamental, Jorginho. And many have begun to ask themselves: is it the case that he still throws them? We also asked FIFA 22, the most popular football video game, and the answer, as always, lies in the impressive numbers collected among the squads called by Mancini.

Penalties in Italy-Northern Ireland –

After all, the question arises legitimate, given the commitment with Northern Ireland which will decide the fate of the national team in relation to the upcoming World Cup in December 2022. If there will be a penalty shot, we must make sure to send it on the net and not cornering like happened at the Olimpico against Switzerland last Friday. And so here, next to (if not in front of) the so far safe port of the Italian-Brazilian they will play it Leonardo Bonucci, captain of Italy in the absence of Chiellini, Domenico Berardi, Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi, in case of unlikely presence on the field. The Chiesa track, protagonist of a curtain with Dybala against Zenit precisely because of the wrong penalty kick and then transformed by the Argentine on repetition, is not to be discarded.

About FIFA 22 –

On FIFA 22, a video game that for obvious reasons relies heavily on numbers, there is little room for error. In the sense that a Jorginho, rewarded so far by good luck and undeniable qualities, remains the best choice: in the penalty area, the former Napoli has even a 91. Bonucci is rather underestimated in this fundamental, having not had many opportunities in the league : just a 70 (despite having an overall identical to Jorginho, or 85). Insigne, on the other hand, is way ahead with his 87, which would make him the main alternative in the game, although his reliability has shown some cracks in real sport. Berardi little better than Bonucci with a discreet 76, also thanks to the overall of 82. Bernardeschi, despite the overall score of 79, is instead ahead: the 82 in the penalty area makes him a serious candidate according to the title of EA Sports, although his candidacy for the starting shirt with Northern Ireland is difficult. In the end church: his value is well recognized with a resounding 84 but his unfamiliarity with penalties assigns him a score of just 62, so for FIFA 22, this marriage has nothing to do.

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Italy takes penalties FIFA speculates candidates role Jorginho

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