drugs and sex in the yard

drugs and sex in the yard
drugs and sex in the yard

Drugs, sex, vandalism and assaults: this is what the residents of a building in Aler in the historic center of Milan denounce, victims of bad nightlife.

Drugs, vandalism and sex inside the courtyards: it is when reported by the families who live in Corso Garibaldi in Milan in a public building of Aler, a company of the Lombardy Region that deals with public housing. The palace does not have a door, only a small iron gate which is easy to open as it would be broken. And precisely this prompts dozens of people to enter the courtyard: “They come here to urinate, drink, sometimes use and distribute drugs and even to consume sexual acts – say the residents – all in our courtyard and under our houses”.

The assaults and insults to the residents

Despite their calls and invitations to leave, nothing has changed: they often respond by insulting those who live there and sometimes even attacking them. The last case would have been recorded between 6 and 7 November: a man would have come down to close the gate and invite people to leave, but he would have been insulted, threatened and then attacked with shoves and blows: “Finally they destroyed the glass windows of the entrances to the stairs while the attacked man tried to escape “. The victim then filed a complaint with the police.

The request of the Municipality 1

This last episode has raised the anger of the residents: “We cannot live like this, we know that we are in a nightlife area and that the problems of social housing especially in the suburbs are many, but we believe it is our right to have a door that can prevent to access the entrance to our courtyard “. In fact, the tenants had asked Aler several times to install a safer door or gate, but they would not have received any response. Lorenzo Pacini, councilor for the House of Municipio 1 also expressed himself on the case: “We are facing a paradox. More than 50 families are forced to close themselves in their homes because of the violent, it is necessary to intervene immediately with a suitable closure of the building”. Of the same opinion Mattia Abdu, president of Municipality 1, who explained that the Municipality will act as an interlocutor with Aler: “To ask to intervene in order to solve this problem”.


drugs sex yard

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