Digital registry: here, step by step, how to get a free certificate

How do I download a certificate

Let’s enter the section for requesting certificates. “In this section you can request certificates for yourself or for a member of your personal family”. But not everything can be downloaded: “If you need a historical certificate, you will have to go to the counter of your municipality of residence or Aire registration (if resident abroad)”. It is remembered that
the registry certificates issued are valid for three months from the date of issue. The required certificate is selected, on plain paper (with specific reasons) or stamped «with exemption from paying the tax until 31/12/2021 pursuant to art. 62, paragraph 3, of the Cad “. The preview can be checked. Then just one click and the certificate is already on your computer, ready to be printed. A simple operation, with a simple and straightforward path, which allows you to obtain the certificate in a few minutes and free of charge.

You can also ask for a family member

The procedure makes it possible to request certification also for family members of the family. In this section you can select the cohabiting family member for whom you intend to request the certificate.

In Italy 4.3 million without Internet connection

Not everyone will be able to access certificates online. In Italy there are, in fact, 4.3 million citizens without an Internet connection, as attested by the Censis report “The digital life of Italians”, drawn up together with Lenovo, which photographs the current state of the use of technology in our country. And 22.7 million Italians complain of inconvenience at home, with overcrowded rooms where it is difficult to carry out their digital activities (14.7 million) or with slow or malfunctioning home connections (13.2 million). And there are 24 million Italians who do not feel fully at ease in the digital ecosystem: 9 million have difficulties with instant messaging platforms, 8 million with e-mail, as many with social networks and 7 million with navigation on websites and platforms that allow you to stream sports events.

The 14 downloadable certificates

There are 14 certificates that can be downloaded online: the birth certificate, the marriage registry certificate, that of citizenship, of existence in life, of residence, of Aire residence, of marital status, of family status, of family status and of marital status, residence in cohabitation, Aire family status, family status with kinship relationships, free status, civil union registry, certificate of cohabitation contract.



63 municipalities are missing from the appeal

63 municipalities are missing, from Cirigliano (Matera) to Paola (Cosenza), from Monterano Sabino (Rieti) to Tolfa (Rome), from San Teodoro (Messina) to Leno (Brescia), up to Gioia Tauro (Reggio Calabria) . So far these 63 municipalities have not planned the date of entry, according to the portal. Nine in Basilicata, 18 in Calabria, 14 in Campania, 6 in Lazio, 1 in Liguria, 2 in Lombardy, 1 in Puglia, 7 in Sicily, 2 in Tuscany, 2 in Trentino and 1 in Veneto.

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