Lady Gaga in Milan between “House of Gucci”, TV and the lucky rain –

Lady Gaga in Milan between “House of Gucci”, TV and the lucky rain –
Lady Gaga in Milan between “House of Gucci”, TV and the lucky rain –

Lady Gaga conquers Milan: the actress and singer was in the city on Friday and Saturday for the Italian premiere of “House of Gucci”, the Ridley Scott’s film in which she plays Patrizia Reggiani. A presence, her, expected for weeks by the wildest fans but also by that part of onlookers who have always followed her on the big screen as well as at concerts. And the artist did not disappoint expectations: as a true diva (as they have not seen in the city for a long time) Lady Gaga attracted the crowd for special occasions both under the hotel where she stayed (five stars in the Brera area) and in front of the Odeon cinema, theater of the film’s screening . Red mermaid-style bandaged dress by her friend Donatella Versace for the Milanese premiere of the film.

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Milan, Lady Gaga and the shot from the plane with the red dress of the red carpet of “House of Gucci”
«Rain on Me, Milano!»

Lady Gaga arrived at the appointment, accompanied by car by her staff, in the pouring rain that hit Milan on Saturday evening, but as a true diva she managed to turn the bad weather in her favor: “Rain on Me, Milan!” he wrote in an Instagram Stories referring yes to his song “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande but also to a “lucky rain” in the Lombard capital. Lady Germanotta’s strong bond with Italy, and in particular with Milan, it has been clear since March 2021, when the actress together with the cast had arrived in the city, in the middle of the third wave from Covid-19, for filming.

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Lady Gaga diva in Milan in red (and leopard)
Touch and run

And the star dedicated a thought to the Lombard and Milanese healthcare workers: «I want thank the doctors and health professionals who worked during the production of the film at the time of Covid. Nobody got sick, I felt protected ». “I am very grateful to the healthcare staff, I would like everyone to win an award, every actor, every filmmaker. The real prize should go to the people all over the world who have been brave in the last 18 months who have faced the pandemic, this is real courage ». A hit and run in the city for Lady Gaga, who was a guest last night in Fabio Fazio’s show “Che tempo che fa” for a half-hour interview in which she talked about the film but also about the more personal aspects of her life: she would arrive in town with almost ten suitcases, with two stylists following (Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout) and inevitable make-up artist and hair stylist who have prepared it for each of his exits from his suite at Palazzo Parigi.

The most viewed look in the world (on social networks)

The merit is also theirs every look he wore in the city was among the most photographed of the day all over the world of Instagram, from the beige coat by Valentino and spotted dress on Friday to the maxi platform shoes and crystals worthy of a tightrope walker. To march, when due to the need for a set, she had stayed in Milan for almost a week, Lady Gaga had brought with her from the United States one personal chef who cooked for her and his suite always had to be totally dark: no light, closed windows, drawn curtains and even the TV LEDs had been turned off for her. Whims of a real star.

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