Speed ​​up on third dose to save Christmas

Infections from Covid-19 in Italy are still rising but the data on hospitalizations and intensive care remain stable. Yesterday 7,569 cases and 36 deaths were recorded out of 445,593 swabs carried out. The government is considering new measures for Christmas if the contagion curve were to increase further. Health Minister Speranza: “Insist on vaccines to avoid new restrictions. Correct behavior must be maintained”. Government assessments on the duration of the Green Pass: possible reduction to 9 months. On tampons, the Ministry of Health evaluates interventions on duration: the Green Pass obtained by means of a tampon could last 48 hours for molecular (no longer 72) and 24 for rapid (no longer 48). Foreign Minister Di Maio: “We cannot afford mistakes, we have lost 8% of GDP due to the pandemic”.

No Green Pass, 17 searches throughout Italy for extremists affiliated with the Telegram channel “Basta Dictatura”. The canal had already been the subject of a judicial order of seizure and closure. The crime hypothesis concerns the instigation to commit a crime with the aggravating circumstance of the use of telematic tools and instigation to disobey the laws.

Israel gives the go-ahead for vaccinations to children in the 5 to 11 age range with Pfizer / BioNTech doses. The fourth wave worries the world: in Germany, smart working is returning while from today Austria imposes a lockdown on unvaccinated people to counter the growth of the epidemiological curve.

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Austria, how the lockdown for unvaccinated people works

The lockdown for the unvaccinated has begun in Austria. For at least ten days, those who have not obtained even a dose of the Covid vaccine will be able to leave the house only to go to work, for health emergencies or for essential services. “This is a necessary step. We are not taking it lightly.” The incidence in the country is close to 850 weekly cases for every 200 thousand inhabitants. The main purpose of this operation is to get more people to get vaccinated against Covid.

Tuscany, 291 new cases of Covid in the last 24 hours

Tuscany, in the last 24 hours 291 out of 12,888 tests were performed, of which 5,909 molecular swabs and 6,779 rapid tests. The new positives rate is 2.29%. This was reported by the president of the Region Eugenio Giani. New positives were down compared to the previous 24 hours, however, on a much lower basis of swabs and rapid tests.

Russia, 38,420 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours

In Russia in the last 24 hours, 38,420 cases of Covid-19 and 1,211 deaths have been recorded. This was reported by the national anti Covid operations center. In the country since the beginning of the pandemic, 9,109,094 cases have been detected out of 146 million inhabitants.

China, children aged 3 to 11 vaccinated by the end of the year

Beijing accelerates on vaccinations and aims to immunize all children between the ages of 3 and 11 by the end of the year. Over half (84.39 million) have already received the first dose. 49.44 million completed the cycle. The country has already inoculated anti-Covid serum to over 75% of the population of 1.4 billion people.

Increase in cases, Cartabellotta (Gimbe): “Trieste numbers are starting to worry”

“New cases are on the rise, but not evenly. In Trieste the numbers are starting to worry and the admissions to intensive care are also increasing. The number of new vaccinated people, however, has increased and the third doses are proceeding in no particular order. many regions are still lagging behind. ” This was said by Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, to the microphones of the program “L’Italia s’é desta”. “The objective fact is that we are increasing in the number of cases. It must be said, however, that the circulation of the virus is not homogeneous throughout the country. If we had the criteria of a year ago for the assignment of colors for the regions, many would be currently in orange or yellow “

Vaccines, administered 92.2% of the doses delivered in Italy

There are 92,137,033 doses of vaccine administered in Italy, 92.2% of the total of those delivered (99,902,283). This is what we read in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 6.12. The people who have had at least one dose are 46.854.507, 86.75% of the population over 12 while those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 45.436.416, or 84.13% of the population over 12.

Recanati, family doctor announces: “I will cure the no vax, but then I will refuse them”

Intensive care, Covid

Intensive care, Covid

“Covid has devastated human and professional life, the vaccine is the only weapon to defend oneself. If you have fear or doubts I am available, if instead you believe that the vaccine is a weapon of the multinational drug companies, please change clinic” . This is the note that a doctor from Recanati has attached to the door of his clinic. The author of the cartel, Dr. Amedeo Giorgetti, told Corriere della Sera that he had decided to reject the no vax patients. “First I will heal them because I am a doctor – he explains -. Then I will go to the ASL and I will explain my reasons”.

New Zealand, Maori tribe bans no-vax from using the “Ka Mate” haka

The Maori tribe that owns the rights to the “Ka Mate” haka, a dance typical of the Maori people and made famous by the New Zealand 15-year rugby team All Blacks, has banned no-vax protesters from performing the ritual during parades. The Ngati Toa Tibetan is recognized by New Zealand law as the cultural keeper of the Ka Mate. He condemned the use of the propitiatory rite to promote messages against the anti-Covid-19 vaccination. “We insist that they stop using our taonga (cultural treasure)”

Germany, a return to smart working to reduce infections

Germany marks a new record of infections. In the country, only 67.5% of the population received two doses of the vaccine and since last Saturday, after just one month, the tests are again free. The government plans to reintroduce restrictive measures to control the contagion curve. We return to teleworking to reduce travel. Other restrictions will be discussed on Thursday

New outbreak on the Dalian university campus in China: 1,500 students in quarantine

A new outbreak prompted China to close the university campus. Nearly 1,500 students have been confined to dormitories and hotels after recording a Covid outbreak in Dalian. Students attend lessons remotely and have meals delivered to their rooms. China’s zero tolerance approach to the epidemic has brought significant inconvenience to people’s lives.

Veneto, Zaia on the increase in infections: “No Green Pass demonstrations worry”

“If you demonstrate against the Green Pass without the mask, it is evident that you deny the virus. The problem is much more serious than the green certification alone.” This was stated by the governor of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia who expressed his concern about the demonstrations in the last few hours. “The 5 thousand people who demonstrated in Padua on Saturday worry me, as does the increase in the virus among those who play team sports and the general growth of infections. The pandemic is not yet over”. Then he adds: “A lockdown for the unvaccinated? We are a community, from a constitutional point of view it is not applicable. Everyone should also think about the next one”

The new Green Pass: Palazzo Chigi revises the rules to save Christmas

The government wants to save Christmas and with it the economy already battered by the pandemic. The epidemiological curve worries experts as the vaccine’s protection against Covid decreases with the passing of time. The government wants to insist on the third doses, which will leave from December for the over 40s. Palazzo Chigi denies new restrictive measures, but on the other hand it evaluates changes for the green certification. The government would like to change the duration, bringing it back to 9 months before the third dose, and how to obtain it. Those who obtain the Green Pass by means of a swab, in fact, could suffer from tightening duration: from 72 hours to 48 for those who obtain it through molecular swabs, from 48 to 24 for those who obtain it through antigenic products.

No Green Pass, 17 searches throughout Italy against extremists

The investigators of the Turin State Police are executing in these hours 17 search decrees in various Italian cities against activists “No Vax / No Green Pass” affiliated to the Telegram channel “Basta Dictatura”. The operation was carried out after the investigations carried out under the coordination of the magistrates of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office of the terrorism and subversion group. The hypothesized offenses are those of instigation to commit a crime with the aggravating circumstance of the use of telematic tools and instigation to disobey the laws

The news on Coronavirus Covid-19 today Monday 15 November

Intensive care, Covid

Intensive care, Covid

Yesterday, November 14, 7,569 new cases and 36 deaths were recorded out of 445,593 anti Covid tests performed. The epidemiological curve continues to grow despite the data on hospitalizations in the medical area and intensive care remain under control. The government is considering possible restrictions for Christmas if the contagion situation worsens further. The Minister of Health Speranza: “Insist on third doses and correct behavior for a free Christmas”. In the meantime, a reduction of the validity of the Green Pass to 6 months is considered.

The data of the bulletin of yesterday 14 November are divided as follows Region by Region.

  • Lombardy: +1.020
  • Veneto: +878
  • Campania: +875
  • Emilia Romagna: +676
  • Lazio: +867
  • Piedmont: +367
  • Sicily: +501
  • Tuscany: +433
  • Puglia: +124
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +396
  • March: +285
  • Liguria: +193
  • Calabria: +139
  • Abruzzo: +232
  • P.A Bolzano: +256
  • Sardinia: +77
  • Umbria: +71
  • P.A Trento: +52
  • Basilicata: +60
  • Molise: +38
  • Aosta Valley: +29

In the world, the fourth wave is alarming: Germany is resorting to smart working and Austria is instituting the lockdown for the unvaccinated starting today, November 15th.


Speed dose save Christmas

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