Covid Italy, infections and deaths on the rise. Mini lockdowns and restrictions pop up – here’s where

Covid Italy, infections and deaths on the rise. Mini lockdowns and restrictions pop up – here’s where
Covid Italy, infections and deaths on the rise. Mini lockdowns and restrictions pop up – here’s where

Covid and fourth wave, the great fear returns. To certify a not very reassuring trend is the analysis of the daily bulletins drawn up by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health. In the last week, 8-14 November 2021, infections in Italy rose by 42.17% compared to the previous seven days (1-7 November): in total 51,318 cases against 36095. A jump of 15,223 more cases: more than triple the difference between the period 1-7 November and 25-31 October (there were 5,303 in plus, with a total growth of 17.22%). With regard to the deaths, in the last week have increased by 34.02% (390 versus 291). THE new admissions to intensive care instead, again in the comparison between 8-14 November and 1-7 November, they grew by 24.09% (273 compared to 220), an increase that in any case marks a slowdown in comparison with the previous week, when the growth had been of the 31.74%.

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Mini lockdowns are popping up

“Infections are growing in Italy and it is attention needs to be raised “, the words of the Minister of Health,Roberto Speranza. And precisely to curb the race of the virus, at the local level the Italian mayors are already running for cover awaiting the decisions of the Draghi government in view of Christmas. The most striking case is that of Nicolosi, town in the province of Catania, where a mini lockdown until November 24th.

Christmas in “white”

Christmas parties in “white”: this is, in summary, the goal that the first citizens intend to cut. In the race for the goal, the administrators were also strengthened by the directive of the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, who said enough to no vax and no Green pass marches in city centers. Here then is what we think – as in Rome – a interventions on historic squares and places of nightlife and shopping, with people counters and barriers that limit gatherings. The mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi is also in the field to safeguard – with limited access to the most popular areas – the city from the risk of a surge in hospitalizations and infections.

Markets with the pass

Already i Christmas markets, in Trentino Alto Adige and Verona, are taking place under the banner of caution. Green pass with bracelet different color every day e small number of stalls: in Trento, Bolzano, and Rovereto each visitor after showing the health certification receives a ribbon to tie on the wrist, a sort of pass. “Based on the evolution of the contagion curve – said the mayor of Bolzano, Renzo Caramaschi – possible restrictions will be adopted”. Meanwhile, the mayor of Bolzano has decreased the stands by 30% and to avoid crowds, it banned food and drink kiosks outside Piazza Walther, the city’s good parlor. Compulsory mask instead in Verona for the squares of the Markets: the mayor Federico Sboarina signed the ordinance which provides for its use for everyone, citizens and tourists. A provision that strengthens anti-crowding measures and already takes into account the increase in infections that emerged from health monitoring.

Special monitored sensitive areas

In Trieste the sensitive areas – such as the port and the historic center – were banned from demonstrations, after all the discomfort caused in recent days by the no pass protests. Until the end of the month an ordinance of the mayor Roberto Di Piazza is in force which imposes mask and spacing to those who manifest, who is also required to guarantee, through stewards, the duty control service. Gorizia has also moved along the same lines. Finally, in Aprilia, the scene of an outbreak in southern Lazio, it is considered to return to the use of masks even outdoors and the activity of family doctors opposed to the vaccine is investigated.

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